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A Starlight Glimmer Story written by DeathWitch
Aka Necromancer

It has been a year and three months since Starlight Glimmer and her friends took on Queen Chrysalis. Having been touring with Trixie since then, Starlight Glimmer finally comes home to Twilight's castle and finds out just how much has changed. Twilight and Fluttershy are married while both of them are involved with another pony. Spike has grown up bigger and faster than Starlight could believe. Another mysterious world of opportunity and knowledge is once again a hoof step away. Starlight has to mull over how she really feels about all of this change and these new ideas.

Meanwhile, The Great and Powerful Trixie wants to perform for the citizens of Ponyville, an unbelievable spectacle of grand illusion JUST for the town that showed her a better path. However, Trixie and Starlight are beset on all sides by ponies and other creatures that want revenge, and more still who just want to make them look bad. While friends can help with most problems and Starlight can manage great things under pressure, there are things unspoken between her and Trixie that threaten their friendship.

This story is NOT an official sequel to Finding Home, but Who We Become is the inspirational canon for this spirited sequel and it is set two months after the events of Finding Home, with the prologue beginning about seven months beforehand. As with Krickis' stories, not everything after"The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" or "Legend of Everfree" is canon to this story. Sunburst, Flurry Heart, and a few others shall be playing Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Fic.

Peer reviewed by Krickis, SevenEyes. Inspirational music by FritzyBeat. Additional thanks to Darkstarling, Boltsinger, _

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This story is a sequel to Just Like Old Times

By DeathWitch
Aka Necromancer

Twilight Velvet has always felt like her feelings for other people were unnatural; like she should be ashamed of being attracted to anyone besides her husband. But when her daughter starts interacting with something she calls “Equestrian Magic”, Twilight Velvet is surprised to find that for once, she doesn’t feel ashamed for falling in love.

Principal Celestia has never had time for love. For Celestia, her work at CHS and her relationship with her little sister have always been enough for her life to feel complete. But when seven students start having magical episodes, Celestia finds that there is more to life than just work and family.

Inspired by “Just Like Old Times” by Krickis, this romantic, non-monogamous ship takes place in Who We Become’s Everton, in the realm of Equestria Girls

This is a work in progress, haven't even commissioned a cover or made one in Photoshop yet
Twilight Velvet Cutie Mark by Greywander87, Sun Butt cutie mark by blackgryph0n

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Written by DeathWitch
aka Necromancer

Everything came to a screeching halt for Sunset when Fluttershy died. But the “end” was merely the beginning of prolonging the inevitable! With Fluttershy’s secrets weighing her down and a massive hole in her heart keeping her from ever being happy, Sunset resorts to some rather… drastic measures.

This is my first story to ever be published, despite writing since 2012 and having been juggling fics since I first joined FiMFiction!
This was a personal triumph for me to complete an idea in a month and a half, start to finish! I hope you all enjoy this labor of love.

My undying thanks to: Krickis, Starry, Bolt (TallFry), Krixwell

Made for the 2019 Sunset Shipping Contest: Endings
Cover made by me.

Chapters (3)
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