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Hasty Revision

Trying to improve my grammar and sentence structures. Critique of any kind is always welcome.


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  • TLeading Causes
    Smolder's time at the School of Friendship, and her recent friendship with Spike, gives Twilight a chance to finally get some answers about dragons. Some answers are better received than others.
    Hasty Revision · 2k words  ·  674  6 · 6.3k views
  • EOne Last Ride
    Spike is growing up, slowly but surely. Age comes with benefits but some things get left by the wayside. Especially when it starts to hurt somepony's back.
    Hasty Revision · 1.1k words  ·  312  1 · 2.4k views
  • ERoyaltea
    Shortly after Discord is resealed Fluttershy and her friends are invited by Celestia to recount their experiences. An oddity in Fluttershy's account might just get Celestia's attention.
    Hasty Revision · 3k words  ·  330  4 · 3.2k views
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  • TGrowing Up Dragon
    Growing up is never easy, but dragons might just have it worst. In the wake of a discussion with Twilight, Smolder takes it upon herself to teach Spike what he needs to know to grow up dragon-style.
    Hasty Revision · 11k words  ·  110  1 · 1.3k views
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