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Twilight Sparkle had climbed to her peak. She had ascended to godhood, seized reign of Equestria.

And she had never felt so alone.

Desperate to escape her isolation, Twilight unsealed her vault and pressed a certain book back into its slot in a well-guarded mirror.

She hadn't stopped to think that after she left, the human world kept crawling on...

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8 years ago, Anon found himself trapped in Equestria.

8 years ago, Anon discovered that time didn't work correctly.

8 years ago, Anon resolved to enjoy every moment he could. He befriended Twilight and the girls.

Then Twilight became an immortal.

Anon was convinced that he and Twilight would live together forever.

Now, political upheaval sweeps the land. In Canterlot, Anon's world spins out from under him as his closest friend's greatest dream is finally realized.

NOTE: Written before the series finale. If it breaks from the canon of the show, I had nothing to go on. Sorry.

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William Colley has been a Ranger in the Territoy of Arizona for the better part of a decade.

After three years chasing criminals across the territory, he is closing in on one of his biggest targets yet. Weeks prior, the husband/wife/brother gang had derailed a train to steal the gold a car had been moving east from California. Their heist left behind a ransacked train and 23 slain passengers.

After weeks of hunting, Colley has finally found them.

He awakens besides the rails, in a desert that is almost certainly not his own. Eventually, he'll have to find a way home.

For now, he has to find a new horse.

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