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Hey there, guys and gals. The name is Miia, and I'm a shipping fanatic, a former Brony, and a struggling student. I've decided to join the site as I found myself becoming distant from the show and got into things like manga instead. My former favorite manga series, had recently ended, and I, much like many others, got dumped back into the hall of fandoms. That being said, I ended up deciding to stay here for a while, maybe write a couple of stuff.

While I'm here, I plan to finish at-least one, long multiple-chapter story, and write a couple of one-shots as well. Those same stories will most likely be romance, but, can you blame me? - wo doesn't love lesbian pony spawn.



The sky's the limit.

I plan to reach at least 100 followers before my eventual departure from the sight, as well as publish at least ten fanfictions for the fandom. I've also planned to come up with something along the lines of Equestrian Fanfiction or Appledashery that has a rather long story with many, shorter chapters. Why? - I'm honestly lazy and this kind of story would just be wonderful.

I do hope I can make a couple friends for the road, and I can't wait to see what everyone on this wonderful website has in store.


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Thank you dearly for the warm welcome. I'll be sure to come to you if I have any concerns or questions, and I hope we can grow to be friends.

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Welcome to Fimfiction. :twilightsmile:

Let me know if you have any questions about the site. :pinkiesmile:

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