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Princess Cadance knows you don't have to like someone to love them. But now she's going to experience that first hoof. Quite literally.


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A teenage Twilight Sparkle asks Princess Celestia a complicated question with a simple answer.

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Dusk Shine is Twilight Sparkle's twin brother. They have a lot of things in common, love of magic, love of books, neurosis, but they also have some key differences, and not just what's between their hindlegs.

For my first new story in three years (not that I was updating the other ones) I want to try something a bit simple but with loads of possibilities. While I will be following the order of episodes of the show and going through most, if not all, of them, I promise they will be trans-formative and not simple retrots of the episodes with another purple horse hanging around.

I've often heard it said that Equestria would not survive with two Twilights running around. That just may be the case.

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Many decades after the events of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Princess Luna has taken after the model of Princess Celestia and joined Princess Twilight and Princess Cadence in emulating her by taking a personal student.

Crosswind is an excellent student of the Night and a joy to Luna's life, but growing up surrounded by so much power and intrigue is both rewarding and dangerous. Only the strongest of relationships between student and mentor can survive and prosper in the daily politics and crises of Equestria, and they'll both need to learn a lot from each other to do so.

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Struck Scroll, Archivist of the Royal Kitchens, is, through luck and the tides of fate, thrust into the position of Biographer of the Elements of Harmony. His job, as he is forced to accept it, is to interview the Elements of Harmony and recount their lives and tales up to this point for the good of the ponies of Equestria, or some nonsense like that.

He never asked for this.

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A narration in prose of the many trials and sojourns of Ponyville's Second most Dangerous and Psychologically Unstable Unicorn, three years running, and her many ecounters with comedic situations that arise from being slightly off from everypony else's brand of reasoning.

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Fair Flame is a unicorn living in a Canterlot suburb with his mother, Mahogany Glee, and father, Swift Drift. This work of prose follows his journey and growth from a young colt to a young stallion. Join him and his friend Vinyl Scratch as they fight crime (not really), take tests (quite probably), become alicorns (no), and generally do things of a cute and d'awwable manner.

So what are you waiting for? Get in there and tell me what a miserable excuse for an author I am and how I should go cry myself to sleep in a corner every night, or give me constructive criticism, that works too.

!Warning! Contains young ponies, old ponies, first time fanfic writer, milk, and soy.

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