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Captain Morgan

Just an autistic writer trying to get noticed by others. I don't care for how many likes or dislikes I get, all I care about is for people to give my story a chance.

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(Note, this story takes place after season 7 and the movie.)

It had been 5 years since Chrysalis and a few changelings that didn't turn against her, found an ancient gateway, made their way to earth and took over all of America, life hasn't been the same since for humans as changelings killed innocents for no reason, torched their homes and treated them as if they were slaves. But while scavenging for food, two survivors, Morgan and Jacob meet Celestia, Luna, Twilight and her friends who claim that they are here to stop Chrysalis and help them take back their home. During their journey, they will encounter new friends, discover new and dangerous threats and uncover secrets that have been hidden for years! Will this new rebellion of different species end a raging war and bring freedom to its citizens or will it set things back for the entire human race?

Theme song --- Revolution

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