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Captain Morgan

Just an autistic writer trying to get noticed by others. I don't care for how many likes or dislikes I get, all I care about is for people to give my story a chance.


An important notice · 2:03am Apr 29th, 2019

If you are reading this, then you have either come from the link on the now re-written version of chapter five, or you just came across this blog post. Either way, allow me to explain. After looking over the fifth chapter, I ended up thinking that it could use some work on it, oh who am I kidding, it needed quite a lot of work it. There were some parts in it that seemed unrealistic or didn't make sense, and that needed to change. So after some thinking, I decided the rewrite the chapter. So

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Would like to apologize · 2:18am Jul 18th, 2018

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the next chapter of The Changeling war for some time now, and I am truly sorry. I have real life things going on right now from installing new hardware into my computer to my upcoming grad party that will happen in a few days. But I promise all of you that I will get back to work on my story as soon as possible. Thank you and I hope you are enjoying my story so far!

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Going inactive for a while · 7:44pm Jun 18th, 2018

Won't be on FIMFiction for a while since I will be going to camp tomorrow and after that, my family and I will be heading to a resort. I won't have time to check messages or reply to comments while at camp and I'm not sure that I'll be on FIM a lot while at the resort, but I have to see what happens. But while I'm away, I hope you enjoy The Changeling War and please tell others about it.
Thank you, and I'll see you in a week or two!

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World War Changeling has been re-posted · 9:03pm Jun 14th, 2018

First, I would like to apologize for taking this long. My computer was having internet problems so I couldn't sign in to FIM. but like the title says, WWC has been re-posted! I am also thinking about changing the name of WWC to something else since I was told that it didn't have that world war feel. I will be thinking of a new name, but I would also like your help in picking a name out. But anyway, thank you for taking your time reading this!

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Important Announcement!!! · 4:37pm Jun 11th, 2018

In the next few hours, I will be deleting World World Changeling BUT I will repost it along with all the chapters I have so far. The reason why is that I was given a tip from one of my followers that the reason why I had more dislikes than likes is because of all the deleted comments from a fight between a follower an anti-brony troll in the comment section.

My follower who gave me the tip said and quote.

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Chapters have finally been re-written · 1:29am Mar 6th, 2018

It's been almost a month since posted a blog about rewriting my stories, but the wait is now over. For the edits made, I did add more dialogue and I took out not just Discord, but Cadence, Shining Armor and Starlight Glimmer. As to why, well personally I thought I had put quite a lot of characters in the story and would be better to take them out. But I do have plans to put another Character in the story in the future, but I can not say who as I plan to keep it a secret. Now with that said, I

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Soon to be edits on World War Changeling · 7:16pm Feb 8th, 2018

This is a heads-up on World War Changeling. Before chapter 8 is posted, I will be making edits on previous chapters. They will mostly include more dialogue to the mlp characters and word fixes. I have also decided to take Discord out of the story because let's face it, he's an all powerful being that could defeat Chrysalis and end the story immediately. Thank you for those who have tracked my story so far and if you want to give me some criticism, feel free to tell me.

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