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Just an autistic writer trying to get noticed by others. I don't care for how many likes or dislikes I get, all I care about is for people to give my story a chance.


(Note, this story takes place after season 7 and the movie.)

It had been 5 years since Chrysalis and a few changelings that didn't turn against her, found an ancient gateway, made their way to earth and took over all of America, life hasn't been the same since for humans as changelings killed innocents for no reason, torched their homes and treated them as if they were slaves. But while scavenging for food, two survivors, Morgan and Jacob meet Celestia, Luna, Twilight and her friends who claim that they are here to stop Chrysalis and help them take back their home. During their journey, they will encounter new friends, discover new and dangerous threats and uncover secrets that have been hidden for years! Will this new rebellion of different species end a raging war and bring freedom to its citizens or will it set things back for the entire human race?

Theme song --- Revolution

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Yeah. Sorry to say that even after a second reading, this story still doesn't get an upvote from me.

Zombies this is a good story in my opinion

At first I was like :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftright: now I'm like :applejackunsure: it's like
I can get behind it

Your opinion is noted, thanks!:twilightsmile:

But, how can the changelings feed off of everyone's love if they keep killing people?

They kill people who defy Chrysalis or her soldiers. Mainly the ones who end up getting killed by Changelings are U.S soldiers, law enforcement officers, politicians and people who just hate Changelings in general.

you do know what NATO is? when country is attacked all countries part of it will send their forces to help no matter what. Canada is a excellent beach head to make all out assault and they could help resistance fighters by sending instructors and weapons just like British did in ww2. Sou changelings have nothing against that kinda manpower, border alone is sou huge that changeling army is stretch thing protecting whole America Canada border, and that is not including naval assaults from the sea.
Do you really think that you don't have allies and that world would stop spinning if America disappears?

Listen, I understand that some parts in the story do not make sense, but the stuff you said in your comment, about NATO, it will be explained in a later chapter. Im trying my best to write this story so that it makes as much sense to people as possible and to explain how america fell so fast and why no other country has come to help. Im not trying to sound rude, angery or upset, but you just need to have patience while i write. I've been working on this story since last October and no matter how many negative comments i get, no matter how many problems people see with this plot, i will not stop writing. I am determined to finish it.

that picture is of Saint Paul MN. I Live in the twin cities, so if chrysalis invades America, and it's in Minnesota, all MN would do is have mother nature bring in every season at once. they would be so confused and weirded out, that they would just go home.

it was at this moment I relized I am a idiot and forgot to actoually track the story

It had been 5 years since Chrysalis and a few changelings that didn't turn against her, found an ancient gateway, made their way to earth and took over all of America


I am sorry, I read only to this point. But the idea that the Mane 6 and the Royal Sisters going down so fast is crazy to me. The fact a plucky human that was trying to rob them was the hero that saved them. A bullet changed the tide of the battle instead you Alicorn Lasers or a blast of Harmony. The fact bullets work on them means America would haven't fallen to a small collection of Changelings, or even a large collections of them. There are plans in the event of this happening. Even if the the whole of the government was taken, then the military would actually be in charge till a new government could be elected. It would make more sense for the Changelings to rule from the shadows, slowly replacing our leaders over the years. Till every politicians, General, Admiral, and Celebrity were Changelings. You know, like they try to do, in the show. Also where did all these new original Changelings come from. It is shown that they have family units, and aren't like Bees and Ants with Drones birth from a queen. The fact that it takes years for a original changeling to grow up, it should be post mlp:fim season 9 time skip that shows up, not season 7-9 cast.

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