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(Attempt at individual chapter descriptions below the break, because I still haven't figured out how to control where the break is.)

Yes, after over eight years on the site and I don't know how many words put down in comments over that time, I'm finally putting up an actual story. Well, "story". I do occasionally write, or more often imagine and not bother to write, various pieces of fiction, and this I expect to be more a collection of them than something that ever has much of a "chapter" to "chapter" cohesive narrative. The first five of the six "chapters" I'm planning to post at the start have already been blog posts (though with some reformatting and such)... but the sixth, I've not posted anywhere before. In the future I might dig through my past for more old fragments, and there's a chance that perhaps having this "story" out will encourage me to actually write more.

No idea how often this'll actually update, though. Also, not sure how much the things in here will be edited; despite how much time I've spent editing other people's stories, I have little enough successful experience writing that I'd rather focus on getting down what I can. Base level shouldn't be too bad, though, knowing me.

Also, I'm surprised to see that apparently no one else on the site has used "Ostraca" for a story title. Eh.

(Also, rating this Teen just to be safe. No idea if that is or will be needed (I am, again, very new to this story-posting thing), but it seemed prudent given my uncertainty about whether it's needed or not.)

Chapter guides(?):
-O- Actually Something Story-Ish! (Blog 2018-07-09)
Does it matter if Thorax is a changeling?
-O- Story Idea Snippet (Blog 2018-08-31)
Purple prose taken literally and run with... if not very far.
-O- Vision of a Discord and Draconequus!Fluttershy Apocalypse (Blog 2019-10-27)
...Not sure how to describe this, but I'm still kind of boggled that FanOfMostEverything called it "Magnificent stuff." back in blog form.
-O- Random Old Fallout Equestria Thing (Blog 2019-12-14)
Zebras and pegasi dogfight at the end of the world. This is probably the first chapter that "Dark" tag is needed for.
-O- Well, Cold Spike said I should write something... (Blog 2020-05-12)
The three tribes each had their own way of migrating to Equestria...
-O- Camping by Lake Mead
Robot Friendship Unicorn Twilight! Also, probably another one wanting that "Dark" tag, and the first one "Human" was added for. (Also, Fallout: New Vegas... crossover?, if that's important to you.)
-O- Third Most Powerful
Princess Luna has a private chat with a high government official, to lay out a few things.
-O- Optimalverse Pottery Shard
If I'd finished this, it'd have been a contest entry. As it is, it's an incomplete fragment with an author's note about the same length as it is sharing the chapter -- but I still think some of the ideas are interesting.
-O- An Old Alicorn Problem
Complete? Also mostly unedited, because inspiration struck while I was supposed to be doing something else and I wanted to get the inspiration down in horsewords before it went away.
-O- Wedding Remarks
Cadance, her new wife beside her, has a few things to say to some special guests on this perfect day. AU recursive fanfic of Darkstarling's Royal Peanut Butter. Complete, I think, though it could be extended and/or expanded.
-O- A Tale of the Twilight of the Twilit
Someone old explains some things to someone young.
Inspired by, at least as the trigger, a post from FoME linked in the author's note, itself about the start of the G5 comics. Complete, I think.

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