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Meet Drake. He's your average high school kid with average high school friends and average high school interests. That is, until one day his sister forces him to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. His world turns after that.

Even more-so when a couple weeks after discovering the show, he turns into a changeling in the middle of 2nd period.

Now taking shelter in the shadows, Drake is on the run. It's up to him and his friends to figure out what the actual hey happened, who did this, and how they can get him back to normal again before he gets shot down by a mad cop looking for vengeance.

Maybe he'll even find another like him...

Rated Teen for language, I guess.

I'd draw cover art but I'm a bad artist so have an internet picture instead

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It's one of these stories. Dipper and Mabel go adventuring, accidentally open a portal, blah blah blah... but what if this time it actually got interesting? Wars across space and time? Celestia and Luna's parents? Even more crossovers? Ancient and powerful relics? Muffins? Stancakes? Hidden Traitors? Backstories? Mike Schmidt? Yes sir, all these things are (or eventually will be) part of my story, and it's only the beginning.

No TwiDip. Actually, no ships at all! (YAY)

This is my first FanFic. Enjoy! (No, that does not mean this is a badly written story.)

Greatly inspired by these stories:
- The Effects of Gravity
- Return to Gravity Falls: The Equestrian Chronicles
(I am not copying their stories. True, I may have used one or two general ideas but the main plot differs from them A LOT.)

Rated Everyone but there is one scene where Twilight gets "woozy" on cider. I don't know where y'all stand on that so... just sayin (^-^)

Also: Just cuz I make a reference doesn't mean you have to put it in the Undertale group!! (>o<)

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