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You might know me as the best friend of Hercules. Also, my name starts with an 'i'.

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James and his little sister Maiya currently live in their town's orphanage, fortunately, their town's policy towards sibling adoption requires the adopter to take in all of them. That way, the children are not forced to part.

On their way back to the orphanage from a bookstore, they end up stuck in an infinite loop and are unable to get out. A mysterious man appears before them, the cause, and offers a deal, he will find them a good person who wants to adopt them.

He left out the part about a new, dangerous world full of monsters and other evils, and the siblings turning into Metal Bat and his little sister Zenko.

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Limitless Technologies has been part of the leading scientific teams of America ever since their lead researcher Phillip Hadger discovered a limitless supply of energy for the world. They spent the next few years developing 'The Dream Machine', a device that can grant wishes. A contest was held, and a lucky winner was able to find himself at the building of Limitless Technologies.

Kevin Akiyama is your average asian-american, a simple mechanic if you will. All he wanted to do was his job and his hobbies. He entered himself in the contest to use the machine, hoping to become his new favorite manga character Saitama, from One Punch Man. The machine had a price when it was used on him, it turned him into pre-training Saitama and sent him to Equestria. After a minor freak out after meeting his first monster, he spent three years training his body and mind.

Now he has everything Saitama has, and will turn the hero world upside down... Or not bother with that at all and just do this hero stuff so he can actually buy groceries in this horse world, being a car mechanic doesn't really work when all the inhabitants still use carriages.

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