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In this world of chaos, one must either enjoy it, try to change it, or find peace with it. So why have I found solace in all three?

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NOTE: I will not be updating this as regularly as other stories because I'll only be writing this one as and when I get the ability to. I have other projects and things I need to do. Thank you for understanding.

Jack Psyciro is a boy who's ended up falling for the same thing everyone else who goes to Canterlot High falls for...getting a romantic partner. Sadly, that love wasn't to last, and Jack ended up losing his girlfriend in a way nobody expected. Now that he's in 11th grade, and he's had enough time to cool down, will he fall in love again, or will he end up forever alone?

Set in the Pie of My Eye (PoME) universe. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me (I've thanked you in the author's notes in the chapter it's relavent in)
All OCs belonge to their respective owners.
If you wish to use Jack Psychiro, Flamecaller, or Zap Cannon, then please PM me so that we can sort everything out.

Additional tags will be added as the story progresses, as some tags/characters that are in the story later don't show up at the start.

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Everything in the current Equestria is all because Rainbow Dash performed a Sonic Rainboom. But what if she didn't. If, for some reason, there was no race. There was no Sonic Rainboom. What then?

This story focuses on, what I believe, is what would happen to Twilight under those circumstances, and hence is headcanon.

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