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A month after her run in with the vampire fruit bats, Fluttershy finds one in her home.


This is a very, very, very short story that may or may not lead into a much longer story. I feel like testing the waters and seeing how you the readers like it.

This is also my submission to the Equestria Daily Writer's Training Grounds. Click here for further information about it.

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After another failed attempt to become human, a Chinese Fox makes a desperate escape. But where she ended up was not her home world. Now, confused, powerless, and absolutely lost, this creature of human myth now needs to find a way to undo what she has done all the while trying to stop her natural instincts from taking hold.

This tale uses facts based of the fox spirits of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Mythology.

That means this is not a Naruto fic.

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A birthday party. What usually is the happiest day of the year for somepony happens to land on the saddest day for a dragon librarian. But when he learns who the lucky mare is, he can't help but be upset with his sister who was nowhere when their caretaker left them for good as he stood by her bed.
To make matters worse, he has to deal with his niece and the rest of his old friends' grandchildren as life wishes them to live happy and normal lives.
But when the last breath of Kindness fades away; evil will once again be unleashed onto Equestria. It is up to this new group of friends to find the elements within themselves. It's also up to Spike and his Sister to come to terms with one another if any pony wants to keep harmony across the land.
This is most likely not the best way to describe this story but does make a good summary.
I do advise reading Past Sins by Pen Stroke and Batty Gloom before starting this story. It does involve Nyx so, LET THE FLOODGATES OF UNPLEASANTNESS OPEN! HAHAHAHAHA! Cause i expect to get hate for writing this.
Will add anypony's image if to this if i feel it needs to. The same goes for themes.

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