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A teenaged Puzzling Insanity tearfully comes out to her parents, but their reaction is far from what she expected.

I often find that basing my writing on real life makes me write from the heart. Please be respectful as there is a nonbinary character in this story.

Not sure if it should be rated Everyone or Teen, if someone could let me know for sure, I would appreciate it.

The title of this story comes from a moment on the Netflix series Queer Eye where Antoni talks about how a mother chose to accept her son despite her religion telling her not to. He tearfully ends the speech with five words: not all parents do that.

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Puzzling Insanity and her mother have a conversation during a nice summer day, only for a certain draconequus to eavesdrop and join the conversation. Sometime during the chat, he reveals the one thing he refuses to do.

TW: Mention of a past suicide attempt, a character dealing with internalized ableism

I don't know if the mention of a past attempt on a character's own life warrants the Suicide/Self-Harm tag, but I want to be safe.

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The Hearths Warming season is always a difficult time for Puzzling Insanity. She keeps up a mask in public, but every so often, that mask slips when she doesn't want it to. This year, she receives some unexpected support from a certain pink pony.

This story is dedicated to my father (Dec 19, 1952 - Nov 1, 2018) and loosely inspired by the Disturbed song "Hold On to Memories".

The flashback featured in the story actually happened. The last football game we ever watched together was a Buckeye victory; that was our team.

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