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Happy birthday to me! · 2:59pm January 22nd

Welp, today I turn 26 and I am absolutely riding an emotional high. It's hard to type this with nails on, but I'll try. I'm happy that I got to celebrate on Saturday, and I'm going to spend most of today relaxing. I hope you enjoy 26 Candles and I hope y'all are doing okay.

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Day before birthday reflection · 1:47pm January 21st

Today is my last day as a 25-year-old and I’ve had a crazy year. I’ve made new friends and tried new foods, and I’ve had so many experiences, both good and bad.

I’m finally learning how to form my identity after a lifetime of not having one, and I’ve finally made some progress in therapy. I’m looking forward to what 26 will offer.

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Another Update · 3:14pm Oct 10th, 2023

The day before I uploaded See You Again, I broke my leg and sprained my ankle in a slip and fall. There's a possibility that I might need surgery but I don't know yet.

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New Plan · 3:52pm Oct 7th, 2023

If I write something for fun, the ratings will be enabled. If I write something super personal, ratings will be disabled. There are some things that I just can't handle being shat upon.

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Getting Back into Cooking · 7:16pm Oct 6th, 2023

So, today, I realized that the OTC stuff isn't working for the post-surgical soreness anymore and my anxiety is higher than ever. I decided to make some "elevated" mac and cheese to kill two birds with one stone, and it works. If CBD is legal where you are, I would recommend trying cooking with it at least once in your life. I feel like Tree Hugger right now.

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Life Updates · 12:23am Oct 3rd, 2023

As you may know from my most recent story's description, I went in for a minor surgical procedure on October 2nd. Nothing too serious, just got a cyst removed from my back. I'm doing okay. I go in on October 13th to have the stitches removed (heaven help me).

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Feel like therapy isn't working. · 12:56am Mar 29th, 2023

A lot of my issues stem from being extensively mistreated growing up (no, not at home).
I was forced to suppress my emotions, and now I bottle them up until I explode and the only emotions I can identify are anger, fear and shame.
I was punished for every thought, word and action, and now I feel physically uncomfortable when I'm not harshly punished for everything I say/do/think and get the urge to punish myself.

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Regarding my latest story · 1:56am Sep 24th, 2022

I don't know what you people want from me. If y'all want me to stop writing completely, I'll do it. I tried so hard on this one but I can't do this anymore. I know I'll never be like Anne Rice or Poe or Stephen King, but at least give me the benefit of the doubt for even trying. And if y'all are downvoting solely because it's a queer story, then I'm disabling ratings.

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Newest Story · 11:16am Jul 15th, 2022

So, I know it's probably not the best, but I'm trying.

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What is a Woman? A Response to Marjorie Taylor Greene · 3:41pm Apr 7th, 2022

My general answer would be that a woman is whomever and whatever she wants to be.

The answer that defines who I am as a woman (and my response to MTG and the GOP) is this.

I am not a creation of God. I am not from the rib of Adam. I am not weak. I am not my uterus, my chromosomes or my genitals. I am not the property or chattel of m€n. And I will not have my womanhood defined by people who have no idea what I've been through as an individual.

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