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Still not Dead and Massive Apologies · 3:39am May 18th, 2016

Hello everybody, been a while since I was last here :fluttershysad: to which I apologize immensely for. I have been going through some big complications and events lately so I have found myself with little time. Unfortunately, I regret to admit that in my extended absence I have lost track of my initial idea of the story, and as such am having a hard time figuring out where I was taking it, hence why you will now notice the Hiatus status that I have regrettibly given it :fluttercry:. BUT!

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1817993 thanks! Good, I will be waiting for your fict.

Only read 3 chapters so far but already turning into a great story. I've personally been considering a Bloodborne crossover myself recently. However, so far your grammars a bit shaky and I feel that the pacing tends to jump around a bit, but otherwise a pretty good read. Also, I totally get the ye olde speech thing, having difficulty with Luna's in my own fic but I am working on it. Anyway can't wait to see what happens next.

Hello there! Thank you for the fave on Back Into the Light! What do you like so far?

You could try googling the story directly, as long as you are making it clear that you are looking for it on this site you should be fine.

When i click on the stories tab the page goes white

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