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Sometimes we set our sights on doing something so much, that we become blind to what is happening in the here and now.

Meet Jack Taylor, a brother, son, and self-defined psychic. Jack is about to begin a long ordeal in humility and perseverance, one he may not very well survive without some friends, which is something that’ll be hard as a mare named Berry Punch.

General story content and reasons for all tags below the break, which will spoil some of the story, but will also give you a good idea of what you are getting into. Massive spoilers in additional tags.

• PoV - Deep First Person: Focus will be on the protagonist for all story arcs. There will be, unless my pre-readers stop me, a single short interlude chapter between each arc focusing on another character in the story.
• Sex Tag: General acknowledgment of gender, allusions, innuendo, and situations. May venture into, but not describe, sexual acts. This story will never move to mature nor contain clop.
• Gore Tag: Nothing excessive in the story yet, but some things will happen at the end of the first arc which will require the tag. None of the gore will be described in any graphic detail and will stay well within the teen rating. Will warn about the gore in an author's note at the start of the chapter it happens in so that readers who read this story before this tag was deemed necessary will not be caught off guard.
• Alternate Universe Tag: Both the human world and pony world are AUs.
• Dark Tag: Story isn't excessively dark and will never be, but this tag is here for the darkness ready to come up from below the surface. Don't worry about encountering much death in this story since it'll be minimal to non-existent.
• Drama Tag: Expect a lot of dialogue since most of the action is going to social interaction, though there will be some physical action.
• Human Tag: Pony turned human through mind/soul swap. You will see physical humans through memory dreams and a couple visions, but the protagonist human will be the main focus.
• OC Tag: The only major OC in the story so far is an umbra (shadow pony)/earth pony hybrid named Due Process, but more will follow.
• Berry Punch Tag: The protagonist is thrown into her life and has to live with her reputation.
• Other Tag: Currently for Surprise, who in this AU is one of the Mane6 in place of Pinkie Pie since she is a major character.
• AU Changes Tags: Pinkie Pie replaced by Surprise. Surprise is characterized like a toned-down Pinkie Pie and offers her own brand of strangeness. Adult Spike Through Duplication of Twilight's Age and Mind at Hatching, Applejack's Parents are Alive, Fluttershy is an Earth Pony, Fluttershy is an Orphan, Fluttershy Adopted into Apple Family, Alternate Element Loadout, Alternate Mane Six, Alternate History, Alternate Applejack Parents
• Content Tags: Alcohol Use, Confusion, Damaged World, Disbelief, Dreams, Genderbent, Genderbender, Genderswap, Human in Equestria, Human in Pony, Lies, Loss, Male to Female, Memory Loss, Mind Swap, Mistaken Identity, Overwear, Incredibly Rational Protagonist, Religious Concepts, Reliving Memories, Rule 63, Secrets, Single-Minded Protagonist, Soul Swap, Suffering
• Additional Character Tags: Seven Deadly Sins, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath

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