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The View from Rock Bottom - Fickle Wood

Meet Jack Taylor, a brother, son, and self-defined psychic. Jack is about to begin a long ordeal in humility and perseverance, one he may not very well survive without some friends, which is something that’ll be hard as a mare named Berry Punch.

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Wayward Plans 1.5

The list of things in Equestria that made me angry was a short one, but it was growing. First, there was Corona, who I just didn't like, due to both the memory I had seen from her and the fact she hadn't done as I asked. Next, there was that nurse from the hospital, solely because she threatened me. I was somewhat conflicted over Spike since he was going through something horrible, but that clawing was inexcusable. They weren't numbered yet on my list, but if they were, then Twilight would be at the top of the list after her most recent action.

“You blinded me!” I said, and stood in a room I hadn’t even seen yet, due to my aforementioned blindness.

"And I will fix that in a moment. Do you feel any nausea? The ocular overload may have been too strong, but I am certain it, along with some other modification I made to the teleportation spell, should alleviate the nausea effect that most ponies who do not teleport often suffer from." Twilight said, like nothing was wrong.

“No! I don’t feel any nausea whatsoever! I do however feel like seeing if I can blind you!” I glared at where I was fairly sure she was.

“Fine.” I heard the sound a unicorn’s horn made when they used their magic.

I felt some sort of tingling sensation on my eyes, then the darkness began to recede, while shapes started to form. After a couple moments, I could make out Twilight and the room, but the room would have to wait since there was another problem with my vision.

“Great, let us begin—”

“Twilight… I’m completely colorblind now.” I said, cutting her off before she could whatever she had planned next.

“Wait, what?”

“You and the rest of the room are grayscale…” I was very unhappy.

“That… is unexpected.” Her horn lit up again, and I felt the tingling sensation again on my eyes, but the color didn’t return. “Better?”

“I’m still colorblind…” I intensified my glare.

A sheepish grin appeared on her face. "I will be right back," Twilight said, then disappeared in a not nearly as blinding flash as the teleport that brought us here.

Great, I should’ve just let the colorblindness problem go without mention. I let out a long sigh. The whispers in my head quieted down, and I knew what was about to happen. Do they just know Twilight left and think I’ll be more talkative without someone physical to talk to?

The presence felt strange like it was at a distance and eyeing me. Looks like I have you all to myself, at least for the moment, a female thought, and it was the one I had decided was Envy. I would ignore Envy, just as I had done to Lust, and the room was a perfect way to do that since it was full of interesting things.

The room looked like it was for astronomy since there was a large telescope in middle, but the lack of a skylight or nearby window would prevent its use where it currently was. My glance toward the ceiling made me aware of a model solar system above, with a planet as the center of the solar system, alongside a moon and a small sun orbiting the central planet.

The sight of the sun and moon orbiting the planet was enough for me to break my silence with Envy. “Does the sun and moon really orbit the planet, Envy?”

Yes, and you could possess them. All you have to do is want them enough and be willing to accept us.

“Huh… How does owning a sun and moon work?” I walked over to a table piled with parchment, which all seemed to be star charts.

You just… do, then get to decide when it is day and night.

“That doesn’t sound good for the planet’s ecosystem.” The star charts looked hand drawn, though the fact Twilight might’ve made them probably meant they were telekinetically drawn, or even hoof drawn.

Most plants are more dependent on magic than photosynthesis. You could even keep it night forever, like one of my previous agents wanted.

“How did that work out for them?” I was curious how detailed the model solar system was above since I was sure it was magical, so I went toward the large telescope.

They lacked the conviction and failed, twice. Tell me, Jack. Are you willing to kill to get home?

“I’m not killing anyone to get home, and I’m pretty sure you and your siblings don’t want me to go home.” I peered into the telescope and was surprised by what I saw.

The telescope allowed me to see the actual stars, and the sun above, which shined white like it should. I did a double take at the model solar system above, but I knew I wasn’t looking at it since the model’s only star was the sun. It seemed this telescope could be used indoors, without any loss of use.

I don’t think what you want lies in the heavens, does it?

“My only desire is to get home.” Where is Twilight? Once she knows I am what I am, then I can actually get help getting home.

That is something I could promise you.

There didn’t seem to much else of interest in the room. There were several more tables with odd devices on them, but I was vaguely sure they were very dated astronomy device, at least dated by my 21st century standards. The only other things in the room were: a couple bookshelves, the double doors I was certain would take me out of the room, and another set of doors where sunlight shone through the green crystal panels.

Envy’s offer was probably a damning one, but I didn’t have anything better to do with my time. “Go on,” I said, if only to sate my curiosity.

I would do everything in my power to get you home, and in return, you would do whatever I asked of you. A simple arrangement.

“And what is the extent of this power of yours? I don’t see much of you or your siblings’ influence in this world. Honestly, I think you all are desperate.” I drew nearer to the sunlit doors. The room’s floating light crystals in the corners lit the place well enough, but sunlight and fresh air would be nicer.

Do not question my power! I have torn kingdoms apart! Made weaklings into warriors! The screeching of Envy’s voice made it clear I had stumbled upon a sore subject, and beaten it thoroughly.

I pushed the sunlit doors open, then walked out onto the balcony to stare out at Ponyville’s landscape. The town lost a lot of its charm in the grayscale I was seeing it in, but I could pretend I was in an old detective movie. Heh, ‘The Case of the Transdimensional Blackout’. Once upon a time I had thought about becoming a police detective, but I didn’t want to use my ability to relive murders and other terrible things.

I was going to take a shot in the dark at Envy, but I was fairly certain I was right. “Face it, Envy. You’ll always be second best to Greed. He tells you what to do because you are a weakling that can’t think for herself.”

If you come to love anything here, I will take it away. Any chance you ever have of getting home will be stripped of you. And once one of my agents is done with you, you will accept anything I offer just to escape the horrors I have brought down upon you. Envy voice was back to normal, but I could tell it was angry.

“Alright, but you better work fast. I’m at most an hour away from convincing Twilight. Oh wait, you can’t even get your own agents to do what you want right now either.”


“You and your siblings shouldn’t talk so much, you never know who might be listening.” I smiled, even though I was fairly certain Envy couldn’t see it.

Well, then you know what Gluttony and Pride are already putting in motion. It must be awful knowing every second that goes by is bringing you closer to us.

Envy was about to tell me more than I knew, and all it would take is some generalizations of who she mentioned and what they were capable of. “Well, Pride’s political connections might be problematic, but those probably take a decent amount of time, even more so to go unnoticed. As for Gluttony, he is barely more a threat than Sloth.”

You may be right about Pride, but Gluttony’s agent’s only problem is distance, and that distance shrinks all the time.

It was time for another shot in the dark. “Well, maybe. Still, a boat takes a while to cross a sea.”

Not that long. Envy smugness showed she was still oblivious to the fact I was milking her for information.

How long can I keep this up? “Also, one of them would stick out just as much as one of Greed’s gryphons or dragons.”

You would be surprised how well a zebra can go unnoticed.

“Eh, I can take him. Humans are the apex predator where I’m from, and the only reason zebras haven’t been wiped out back home is because we choose not too.” Heh, this is fun.

I’ll be sure he gets that little tidbit, wouldn’t want him to underestimate you.

I hung my forehooves over the balcony rail, and looked out over Ponyville, while I was happy about conning Envy for information. Of course, Envy could’ve lied about everything, but I didn’t get the sense she was lying. I just hoped I wouldn’t have to deal with any of The Seven’s agents since I seriously doubted I had a chance against a single one.

The ponies all seemed to be going on about their day normally, but I did notice something going on in the distance. A stage in the middle of a park was being set up, and it seemed to be for a music performance judging from the speakers I could see from the balcony. It had been a long while since I had gone to a concert, and it seemed that would have to continue.

I heard the sound of Twilight’s teleportation behind me. “Sorry, I took so long, but I think… Jack?” Twilight said, seemingly surprised that I wouldn’t stand in place the entire time.

“Over here, Twilight,” I said, then turned around and reentered what I decided to call the observatory. “Will I be forced to live a life devoid of the joy that is color?”

She rolled her eyes. “Stand still.” Her horn lit up, and a ball of light shot out of it. It was probably very colorful judging from the multitude of shades of gray coming from it.

I stood and let the ball of light hit me square in the eyes, which blinded me temporarily with a rainbow, then the world was back in color. “Like going from Kansas to Oz.”

“Huh? Where to where?” Twilight’s confusion was something that made me make a mental note of not making further pop culture references.

“Just a movie, don’t worry about it.” I closed the distance between me and Twilight, with only a pony’s length between us. There was this feeling I had that mind magic required direct contact, but I couldn’t say what gave me the notion.

“A movie? What is the name of it?”

“Doesn’t matter. Could you use your mind magic on me? Please?” I was tired of waiting and this needed to be done.

“I will be the one to decide what magic to use on you. Sit and don’t move.”

I didn’t like being told what to do, but I would play along. “Pillow?”

Her horn lit up, and a nearby sitting pillow levitated toward me, then my vision filled with her magenta magic. With one quick motion, the pillow flew behind me and I was forced into a sitting position.

“Thanks…” I said, annoyed by her magic.

I know how to steal her power, Jack. I could make you an alicorn. I had almost forgotten about Envy.

“You are welcome. Do not move.” Twilight moved in close, then her horn lit up.

“What are you doing?” Whatever she was doing felt like it was going through me, but I could feel it hitting me and passing through me the entire time.

“Doing a comprehensive full body scan. This will take a moment, but begin telling me everything you did since you woke up.”

“Okay. Well, I explored Berry’s house.”

“Mhm…” I heard a slight tinge of annoyance in her tone already.

“Took a shower, got dressed, ate a can of baked beans, and…” Should I mention the assault on Corona? Is Berry even open about her sexuality?

“Go on,” she said, her magic scan going through my heart.

Screw it. Berry’s life can’t get any worse. “I hit some unicorn named Corona.”

Twilight stopped in place right over Berry’s cutie mark, then let out a sigh. “Explain.”

“I was totally in the right. See, Corona just walked into Berry’s house looking for sex, and—”

“You are gay?!” Twilight ended her scan and seemed shocked by the revelation. My faith in her ability to do whatever it was she claimed she could do with minds and magic diminished greatly.

“Berry is. Technically, seeing as I’m a male in a female body, I guess I would be too since I like the opposite sex.”

I’m sure Lust will be interested to hear about that.

“You are transexual?!” Twilight walked back in front of me and looked like she didn’t quite know what to make of me. My only problem was that what she thought I was now wasn’t what I wanted her to think I was.

“Well, if I were stuck as a female, I suppose I would try being straight. Honestly, sex has never been that big of a thing to me.”

Twilight fell to her rear in front me. “You are bi and transexual?” Her lack of shouting my or Berry’s supposed sexual and gender identities seemed to mean she was calming down.

“Anyway, Corona tried to use her horn on—”

“No! No need to go into details! I already know everything a unicorn is capable of doing with their horn!” Twilight cheeks were red with embarrassment.

I rolled my eyes and decided to just skip over whatever Corona tried to do. “In short, she was aggressive, didn’t get that no meant no, and I hit her hard enough in the chest to leave a bruise.”

Lust’s similar stories always end the other way around, so look forward to that. It seemed Envy was trying to unnerve me, but it would take a lot more than that.

Twilight shot to her hooves and looked alarmed by what I said. “Are you saying she tried to rape you?!”

I continued to sit, seeing no reason to react to her outbursts. “No… Please stop overreacting to things. She just thought I was Berry, which I was when it came to the body. Just a simple misunderstanding.”

She calmed down after my words. “Are you sure? Is she okay?”

“Who? Corona? I guess? She walked away. As for me, yeah I’m sure.” I said, with my concern for Corona nonexistent.

Not caring about how someone you’ve hurt is doing? What kind of creature thinks that way and isn’t even tempted by our offers of power?

“Has… this relationship with this Corona mare been going on long?” Her curiosity was entirely misplaced, and it was all my fault.

“Twilight… I’m not Berry…” I stood, and was very tired of these questions.

“Argh, fine. Do you, Jack, know how long this relationship has been going on between Berry and Corona.”

“That doesn’t matter.” I stepped forward and placed a forehoof on her chest. “What matters is that I need your help getting back to my reality.”

Twilight looked down at my forehoof, then looked back at me. “Be—”

"Jack. Or did you not actually change Berry's name earlier?" Twilight may have been able to change someone's name, but I doubted she actually would since she didn't seem to be that petty.

Twilight gently removed my forehoof from her chest. “No, I did not actually change your name. Has everything you said been the truth?”

“Yes,” I pointed a forehoof at myself. “I am an outsider.”

“No!” She moved forward and put both of her forehooves on me. “About you being bi and trans! All the talk about some mare named Corona!”

I stepped back from Twilight, which caused her to lose balanced temporarily, then she used her wings to catch herself before she fell. “All that stuff doesn’t matter! I need your help!”

Having problems convincing her? If this is your best, then I would bet on Sloth getting an agent first before you convinced anyone, and he hasn’t had one for a little over 400 years.

A look of disbelief appeared on her face. “I am trying to help you!” She began to pace back and forth in front of me. “Is this your core problem, Berry? Are you afraid you’ll be ostracized? Ponyville is a progressive place!”

The anger I felt was intense, and the only thing I wanted to do was break something or someone. “Berry is just an alcoholic! Probably a sex addict as well! Whatever her reasons for being the way she is are most likely stupid and pointless! She is just some gutter trash! Nearly everyone else in the town knows that! All except for you and Surprise! Now forget about her and help me!”

Twilight stopped in place at my outburst. “Is that what you really think of yourself? That that is what everypony else thinks? Berry, I care about you, and I know Surprise does. I am even certain that Piña still loves you.” She began to walk slowly toward me. “Everypony in town just wants you to be a better mare.”

My breathing was heavy, and a pounding headache had begun. “No, they don’t! They don’t care about Berry! I know how they feel! The annoyance! The disgust! The downright hatred! Now shut up and read my mind!” All I needed to do was force her to use her mind magic, then this would all be over.

My harsh tone stopped Twilight’s advanced. “Berry, I am not going to waste time doing any mental manipulation procedures on you. All you need to do is talk about your feelings. Learn to love yourself, and not be afraid to be you.”

“If you will not read my mind, then I’ll read yours!” I glared into her eyes and wanted something to tear her apart, then absolutely nothing happened. For the first time in over 12 years my ability was absent.

You should really learn to conserve your magic better. Lucky for you, we can discreetly divert some magic to keep your copy ability from draining your entire reserve, since we’re pretty sure you would lose Spike’s ability, and we so enjoy being able to talk to you. Of course, you only get enough from us to stay in this constant state of magical exhaustion. You don’t know how to control your powers, do you? With those words, The Seven had gone from voices in my head to forces that were actually doing something.

“Enough with the lies, Berry. You do not have to lie anymore.” Twilight continued to close the distance between us.

“I’m not Berry!” I lunged at her, which closed the remaining distance between us, but my attempt to hurt Twilight was a failure. Each and every single blow I made was like hitting a brick wall, and each of my strikes didn’t feel like they carried any real strength to them.

Shame you don’t have enough magic to use your new body’s strength.

The only response from Twilight was a full embrace, with both of her forelegs and wings. “Shh, it is okay.”

I struggled in her embrace, but she was too strong. “Let me go!” My headache had increased in intensity.

“Okay, I will,” Twilight said, then gently let me go.

I held a forehoof to my head, though it didn’t help my headache. I couldn’t make her believe me through my ability, and violence wasn’t an option either. Several conclusions seemed to form in my mind from nowhere, and they were ones I could use to hopefully push her into using her mind magic, or mental manipulation as she had called it.

“Berry? Are you okay?” Twilight’s concern was unwelcomed and unwanted.

I knew what to say to her. “No, I’m not. Nothing is when you are involved.”

There it is. I was wondering when it would take over.

“Berry, I am just trying to help. We can work this all out. I am sure of it.”

“You can’t help Spike.” I began to circle Twilight.

“Wait? Spike? What about him?” I had caught her off guard, and I planned to keep it that way.

“Because of you, he's stuck with your memories, that keep telling him he is you.” My headache lessened in pressure.

The shock on her face said I was right about everyone not knowing everything about Spike, and I knew a great deal more than I should. “How? Spike wouldn’t—”

“Like he wouldn’t tell me you threw up on Princess Celestia after your first teleportation?” A smirk reared itself on my face.

“No, he wouldn’t talk about these things, not with you…” She didn’t sound sure of herself.

“You’d be surprised what some will say when it comes to the things eating them up inside.” The words came so easily, that I barely had to think about them.

Twilight flared her wings. “Lies! Spike has forgiven me for that!” Twilight calmed down, and she took on a sad look. “You are just trying to push me away with all of this. Why?”

Having made a full circle around Twilight, I stopped in front of her. “I thought you would understand pushing others away more than me actually. Isn’t that what you did to your parents?” With those few words, I hated myself entirely, but at least my headache was gone.

If you are ever trying to think of a pony name for yourself, I would advise the name ‘Sucker Punch’.

I saw the words cut deep into Twilight and break her composure. “You—”

“You told yourself it was just a dinner. That you could skip one. They’d understand.”

Her eyes began to tear up. “But—”

“But there just wasn’t ever enough time. There were so many more important things to do. There would always be more time later.”

“Stop it!” Twilight’s plea would go unanswered.

“Except there wasn’t more time later. Then you beat yourself up for never making the time. Question why you always thought those other things mattered more than family. Finally, you ask yourself if you could’ve done something to save their lives if only you had been there when they needed you most.”

The emotional dam holding back her tears broke, then she collapsed to the floor. “I… There was nothing I could have done… Not even Celestia could… If I had been there… If I had not stayed in Canterlot to study… I would be dead.”

I wanted to say I was sorry, but I had to take advantage of her. “Twilight, if you use your mental manipulation on me, then this can be all over. I’ll never hurt you again. You’ll never even have to see me again once I’m gone.”

Twilight removed her forehooves from her eyes and looked at me. Her horn lit, and I closed my eyes. I was certain she would finally do it, that I was done with all of this. The moment was short lived though, since all that happened was the sound of her teleportation.

My eyes shot open after I realized she had teleported away, and a quick survey of the room showed she had left it as well. “Damn it!” I said, with all the anger that was left in me.

This is all you will ever be without us. A failure, Envy thought, then her presence was gone.

(0) (0)

“Stupid magic. Stupid ponies. Stupid castle.” I sad, as I made my way through the castle’s corridors.

At least half an hour had passed since I last saw Twilight, and I was sure something magical was going on. Every door I tried was locked, and I swore I had walked through these corridors before, but knew I had walked in a relatively straight line. The fact I walked in a relatively straight line was the other thing that bugged me, since this place wasn’t that big from the outside.

“Hello? Is there anyone out there? I’m lost!” My shouts went without response, as they had every time I tried before. I wouldn’t blame anyone for ignoring someone as awful as me.

I kept running what I had said to Twilight through my mind, and the only question I had was ‘Why?’. The things I had said were awful, and I wanted to beat myself up for saying them, with the only reason I could come up with was that I had been angry. My anger hadn’t been an issue before I came to Equestria, since back home I was one to turn the other cheek, but here it just seemed to take me over.

“I’ll apologize to Twilight when I find her. It was just… the stress talking.” I knew I meant it when I told myself I would apologize, but I didn’t believe the stress excuse.

I couldn’t find stairs or even the observatory room I had left. The whispers continued in my head, but not a single one of The Seven had spoken to me since Envy had left. I doubted evil personified would help me in any way, at least without me accepting some damning deal, but the conversation would be interesting.

Does the connection work both ways? Do I even want to draw their attention? Talking to one of The Seven probably wouldn’t end well, but they were already doing something, so it couldn’t make the situation worse. Which one to try and communicate with though?

Sloth was a smart aleck, but he was probably the lesser of them all and seemed to be the most talkative. Lust seemed to be too focused on her core nature to be useful. Envy was downright annoying. Gluttony would probably be disgusting. Pride would be infuriating to speak. Greed seemed the most authoritative, like he told the others what to do. Wrath hadn’t said a thing.

I stopped where I was, since walking didn’t seem to do any good. “I can’t believe I’m going to try this.”

I would try Greed, since Sloth was annoying to talk with, and Wrath would probably be the worst of them all. Greed? Hello?

The whispers went silent, and a massive presence was suddenly all around me, which made me really small.

So you figured out it works both ways? Greed thought, with his deep and strong voice.

I found the thinking toward others annoying and unnatural feeling, so I opted to speak instead. “Ah! Excellent!” I began to walk again. “How is it going?”

My words were met with silence, though I knew Greed was still there.

“See, I was curious if I could contact you and your siblings. Is the way you and the rest speak telepathy? Does Spike’s ability allow him to speak to other telepaths, or—”

You’re stuck in a trap and want advice on how to get out of it… for free. Greed didn’t seem to like the word ‘free’, since he said the word with clear disgust.

“A trap? Is this Twilight getting back at me?”

You have no clue the kind of danger you are in. At least you have the sense not to take stairs it is trying to force you down.

“Stairs?” I stopped in place. “What stairs?”

My question was met with more silence.

I started walking slowly and eyed the walls around me. Is there some sort of illusion?

Ignore what I said. Just stop and don’t move. The castle can’t keep up that spatial distortion forever.

I touched each door I passed, seeing if they all were real, which they were. It was possible that Greed was messing with me, but I had a feeling it wasn’t. I began to feel the walls.

Jack, you are going to get yourself killed. You aren’t useful to us dead.

“Un-huh.” I came to a fork where the corridor split, one I had been alternating in a zigzag pattern, to keep my relatively straight. My attention was on the wall, which seemed a little off to me now that I paid it closer attention. This was the spot I knew I had seen the most, and if what Greed had said was true, the castle itself wanted me to go down some stairs.

If you follow my advice, I will grant you any power within my domain, without anything in return.

With those words, I knew whatever this castle was trying to do would be in my favor. I walked up to the wall, right where it struck me oddly, and touched it. The wall disappeared instantly, and a stairway leading down became visible.

“Neat.” Without another thought, I descended the stairs.

I am offering you something I haven’t offered in over a thousand years! The dragons were able to take over the world with the gift I bestowed upon their blood!

Once I reached the bottom of the stairs, I chose a direction at random, since it probably didn’t matter. “How did that work out for them?”

For the third time, I had said something that left Greed speechless.

“I may not understand magic, but I have figured out something about this world. If you and your siblings are evil, then good must also have a representation. If the world works like I think it does, then good always prevails over evil. The dragons failed at keeping the world because they used evil”

They failed because Wrath interfered! Greed’s voice was like thunder, and it probably would’ve caused me temporary deafness, if it had been heard through my ears.

“Yeah, I’m sure it’s a story for the ages.” I turned a corner and saw a unique set of double doors.

Every other set of double doors was mostly made up of a couple different shades of green crystal in a diamond pattern, while this one was so much more intricate. The door had a crystal mural on it, which was made up of a large oak tree sitting in a field of grass, and a rainbow overhead in a blue sky. The door gave off a feeling of pure goodness.

Jack, the reason you couldn’t see the stairs earlier was probably your subconscious trying to protect you. Somewhere in your mind, you know what the castle is trying to do will hurt you! Greed’s voice had gone back to its normal deep and strong voice, but he sounded worried.

“Probably the same part that makes it so the only way I remember walking is with four legs…” I stopped my stride toward the door.

See? It is only trying to help.

“And probably the same damn part that has left holes in my memory.” I was even more determined to find out what was behind the door and closed the distance.

Jack! My offer still stands! The powers I could gift you are beyond anything you could ever hope to attain!

I stopped right before the door. I wanted to open it, but I would at least hear Greed out. “Fine, tell me about these gifts you are offering.”

The first I could offer is the ability to gain size and strength, only limited by the things you possess.

“Sounds like something that would make the user a freak. Also, don’t plan to stay here long enough to own anything. Got anything else?”

The ability to gain skills in all things? It would require you to attain gold and keep it with you, but the skills would allow you to make money in all sorts of things. A bag of holding wouldn’t be that hard to afford after a while, so your skills would be limitless.

I eyed the door, certain I was about done entertaining the idea of accepting a gift from Greed. “Useful sounding. Side effects?”

A growing need to always be better than everyone else and an obsession with gold.

“Do all your gifts carry side effects that will alter my physical appearance or way of thinking?”

Yes. I was certain Greed had figured out that I wanted nothing from it.

“Well, thank you for your interest in my body, mind, and spirit. Sadly, I’m much more interested in what good has to offer.” I reached toward the door.

You idiot! You aren’t just dealing with good! You are dealing with good and or—

Greed’s voice and presence disappeared on contact with the crystal door. I felt like my mind was sharper and clearer than it had ever been. I just knew everything would be better once I opened these doors and walked through, so I pushed them open, then walked into the white light on the other side.

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