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I am Darkfanboy. An aspiring writer and a huge fan of MLP, Powerpuff Girls, Batman, Sonic the Hedgehog and so many more. My writing stands out with storytelling, comedy, action and drama.

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A brand new action/adventure/fantasy/dramedy series. Based off the Sonic the Hedgehog series and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Twilight Sparkle and her friends team up with the way past cool blue blur, Sonic. Their worlds merged and that means big, explosive and evolving adventures are to be had. Starting off the first story arc with a bang, "Power Insidious". Sonic's attempt to thwart another of Eggman's scheme gets him knocked out of battle and plunged into the mysterious world, Equestria. There, Sonic meets the Mane Six but also discovers Eggman's presence. That means trouble. Sonic must now deal with the mess he's in to stop whatever Eggman's planning on this world. But while that happens, somepony more dark than Eggman is lurking in the shadows.

Featuring an array of fan favorites such as Daring Do, Mighty the Armadillo and so many more, this series is packed with adventure filled stories about teamwork, respect, loyalty and trust. Blast through hordes of action with Sonic speed and laugh out loud with Pinkie joy as the stories told will leave everyone coming back for more!

There will be more stories to be featured in this series, such as team ups of favorite heroes and villains and origin stories. Follow this series to catch more action and fun in the future.

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Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, everypony! Ponyville is setting up for quite the holiday this year. Snow, presents, and friendship... and of course the founding of Equestria. Spike already has presents to give to his friends, including Twilight. But just when he was about to present them, his friends were acting quite odd around him. No, it's not a spell! With his friends seem to be too busy with the decorating of Ponyville, Spike begins to feel unappreciated. After causing a simple mistake during the decorating process, Spike gets berated and feels completely rejected by everyone including his friends. Spike then wishes what life in Equestria would be like if he was never born. And soon enough he discovers something so powerful than just gifts in warping paper.

*This story is highly inspired by the heart-warming Christmas movie "It's a Wonderful Life" so expect to have many feels in this experience.*

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Exclusive to Fimfiction, Chaos is Magic has been remastered with additional dialogue and more interaction between the characters. It will also cover a few minor plot holes as the original did not.

Twilight Sparkle and her lovable friends have been transported to a new world different to theirs. There they will meet intellectual animals that isn't normal on their world and learn new things from them. However things only get more complicated from here.

A new threat has suddenly emerged and is threatening to consume all of time and space. And only one super fast, way past cool looking hedgehog can stop it. But this time, he'll need the help of a bunch of magical colorful equines.

Race through an incredible tale with Sonic the Hedgehog, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Knuckles, Applejack and more of their friends as they team up to counter a threat that is even more powerful than them. Conflicts will arise as the Mane 6 deal with some old foes that are out for revenge, and of course Sonic has to put up with Dr. Eggman and his machines. Surely this is a story that will leave you begging for more.

The story will take place in the Archie Sonic universe.

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