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I love to write so much! Drawing isn't necessarily my forte, but it keeps the sandman away at night, I'll give it that. I have a DA too! :D

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The explosions made Shepard’s ears ring loudly. Electricity shot through his system and his eyes glowed red the exact shade of the Omega 4 Relay’s core. Then, he dropped. Stagnant quiet filled the ship when the hull was breached, and every crew member was sucked into the endless void of space. Few survived it, but those that did were destined to save a world they’ve never seen nor heard of.

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This is Pinkie Pie, and I was told by a friend that Writing would stop me from not making sense. What fun is there in that? Anyway, this book should tell you all about having fun! The ways to do it, how to do it...okay there isn't much else I can say, but read it and maybe you'll have fun possibly!

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