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Colt Bolt

You ask me who is best pony, I say changelings are the best pony. Don't forget to hit that follow button. The more followers I have, the easier my WORLD DOMINATION PL- I mean, writing will be.

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As I looked out over the field of clouds, I saw them... I saw them all... they were falling... and there was nothing I could do to save them... for they were already dead...

A few years after the dramatic failure of the capturing of Canterlot, the changeling colony has been dwindling to near extinction and are expected to go extinct in a few weeks. But after a life threatening raid on the colony, a Changeling gets a once in a hundred life times chance to survive.

Will he be able to fall in love and live undetected through pony society?

Or will he be falling to his death and sent to the gallows?

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