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I'm just a fan of a lot of different things. If I write it probably will only be Fallout Equestria stuff.


[no title] · 5:17pm Nov 24th, 2014

Ok, I assume this will let me just say stuff under my user account. Just wanted to let people know that I'm still alive, still writing although horribly writer's blocked lately. See I've been out of work since April, out of unemployment since October and its been a royal mess. Motivating myself out of bed every day is hard. But ya, still around and still planning on moving forward.

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Hey so I'm still alive. I found work for awhile, now I'm out of work again :flutterrage:

My writing is not dead, just I'm super slow. If only notes equaled actual writing, I'd have an entire book by now and be on my second :pinkiecrazy:

Welcome to the Fallout Equestria Group! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! :coolphoto:

1287407 Boop! :trollestia:

Thank you for the watch. I hope I can live up to your expectations.:rainbowdetermined2:

Hello and welcome to the awesome world of Fallout Equestria. I see you joined the "FoE:Related Fics" group and I would recommend joining the big FoE group too, to get all kind of helpful advice and information about FoE's fandom. It's also a bit more alive that the Related Fics group.

Well I guess I set my account up. I wonder if I'll actually upload anything soon. :trixieshiftright:

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