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I've been writing for quite some time, but never shared anything until recently. Hopefully you enjoy my stories. Whether you do or not, criticism is appreciated.

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This story is a sequel to Endless Dreamer

A short sequel to Endless Dreamer. I've had an image in my head of adult Applebloom since writing that and now I think enough story has grown around that image to write it down.
So here's a day in the life of Applebloom, Dream Guardian.

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Luna travels the dreamscape in her capacity as Princess of the Night, guarding against nightmares and helping those who need her comfort and advice. She chances upon Applebloom's dream, and discovers a skill she didn't know Applebloom possessed.

Idea sparked by Luna having already visited the other Cutie Mark Crusaders' dreams, so why not Applebloom?

Completed! Also probably the longest thing I've ever written.
Didn't keep going as strong as it started, but it is what it is. Criticism welcome.

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Saw the theory "what if Chrysalis wasn't evil, but corrupted by a spell she found in a book?" based on season 4, episode 23: Inspiration Manifestation.
It seemed plausible, so I commented on how it could happen, and was encouraged to write it down by a gent that goes by Qwertzuy.

So I sat down and churned this out in an evening. I'm certain it conflicts with both canon and fanon in places, contains mixed tenses and grammatical errors, and is otherwise lacking polish. Try not to fall into a plot hole and enjoy.

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