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A Storybook Story, by Harwick on DA. Please visit the artist's page! http://harwicks-art.deviantart.com/

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Based on the King Sombra timeline of "The Cutie Re-Mark".

Rainbow Dash has always been a fighter. When the call to war came, she was the first to head to Wonderbolt Headquarters and sign on. With several mission under her belt, she has risen through the ranks and is now captain of her own squad. But war is hell, and when she is gravely injured, Dash has to rely on two ponies she's never met before. One, wants to help her fly again. The other, wants maybe something more.

Inspired by the cover art by the artist, dSana. Please check out their work! Many thanks to dSana for allowing me to use their art!

Chapters (2)

My entry into the Magic of Love: A Twidance Prompt Collab. My prompt word was Cult.

Twilight is taken hostage by an evil cult hell bent on resurrecting Nightmare Moon. Can her wife Cadance find her before she loses her forever?

Cover art by Katsaysmeh. Check out their page!

Chapters (1)

This series of chapters are actually individual stories that I've written for the Tainted Love Twysalis Prompt.

The Elements of Harmony are lost through a tragic accident. Feeling responsible, Princess Twilight and her marefriend Chrysalis, Queen of the Changlings, work together to bring back the bearers. Hoping that in the process of doing so, some old wounds can finally be healed.

All stories will appear in the prompt first, then here. Unless there's a huge backlog and everyone gets impatient. Thanks for reading!

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