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Since time immemorial, the God-Queen Celestia has ruled over Equestria, protecting it from harm. Without beginning, without end, the pinnacle of ponydom, the living embodiment of the Sun, eternal and unchanging, She has guarded Equestria from all who might wish to disturb its harmonious existence, keeping it safe, and serene to the point stagnation.

Then one day she takes a student.

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Luna has been redeemed by the elements of harmony, but is finding that salvation is harder to come by. Ponies avoid her, the memories of Nightmare Moon still fresh in their minds. Additionally, after a thousand years of solitude and silence, she’s having trouble adjusting to life in noisy, crowded, living Equestria.

Change never happens easily, and Luna struggles despite the help of her sister and new friends, failing as much as she succeeds.

Perhaps the Moon, her prison for so very long, is truly where Luna belongs after all.

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Friendship is Magic, but both people and ponies change. They grow and drift apart. They get caught up in their daily lives, in their responsibilities, and in their routines. What happens to Magic then?

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