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  • TI Watch the Moon
    Luna has been redeemed by the elements of harmony, but is finding that salvation is harder to come by. Perhaps the Moon, her prison for so very long, is truly where Luna belongs after all.
    zeus_tfc · 68k words  ·  599  13 · 6.1k views
  • TThreads
    Since time immemorial, the God-Queen Celestia has ruled over Equestria, protecting it from harm. Then one day she takes a student.
    zeus_tfc · 17k words  ·  23  2 · 542 views
  • EHeat Death
    Friendship is Magic, but both people and ponies change. They grow and drift apart. They get caught up in their daily lives, in their responsibilities, and in their routines. What happens to Magic then?
    zeus_tfc · 6k words  ·  19  4 · 537 views