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Ding! Story Alert! · 11:09pm Sep 20th, 2019

The first chapter of Affettuoso is live!

I was hesitant to do a Vinyl/Octavia story, since there's no real characterization for them in the actual show, and the pairing... well, I've never quite clicked on the dynamic.

Well, here's my attempt. A Vinyl/Octavia story with a bit different dynamic than I've read in other stories. I hope you enjoy. :twilightsmile:

The rest of the 4 chapters will go up weekly.

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Not dead · 8:12pm Dec 28th, 2018

So, I have 3 different stories that are at ~80% done, but I'm struggling to get them finished.

In the meantime, I had to get this out: Heart and Blood

It was a scene I had in my mind for awhile. I originally intended for it to be a scene in a larger story, but that story never materialized. So here's the scene standing alone.

I promise I'm still working. Something will come soon-ish. I hope. :fluttercry:

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Up dah-tes · 9:33am Nov 20th, 2017

So, I've had a bout of writer's block, got sick of not having anything to show for myself and posted the first chapter of something I've been working on on the side, and watched it land with a dull 'thud'.

And now I'm in China, and will remain so until after Thanksgiving.

Yes, that China.

Yes, that Thanksgiving.

No, I'm not happy about it.

On one hand, I'm getting some writing done. On the other, it's for a completely different fandom.


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The Horror · 6:22pm Apr 20th, 2017

I just had a horrible thought.

A horribly horrible thought.

Why does Applejack keep pigs?

Cows provide milk. Chicken eggs are unfertilized, so you aren't eating... you know.

But why pigs?

What do pigs provide that isn't... meat?

I... I think I'm going to be sick.

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Pies and Peitz · 8:02pm Jun 2nd, 2016

Apropos of nothing, at least nothing that will bear fruit any time soon, I've decided that Pinkie is of German ancestry. Not just any German, mind you, but specifically those of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Why Pennsylvania Dutch? Because of two things: the Rock farm and the dessert shop.

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How does your garden grow? · 11:20pm Feb 20th, 2016

So, what have I been up to?

Work, mostly. My brother got married, and I went to New York (State, not City) to celebrate. Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went. I saw family, and we played some board games.

And, oh yeah. 46000 words.

Actually, if you count the other two stories I've put time into, it's more like 70000.

Am I done with anything?


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Money, Winning, and Emotions · 11:59am May 20th, 2015

I had an experience once, while playing Mass Effect 3, that, despite my every intention, I've never expressed in public. I'd like to get it on the record now.

Spoilers for a 3 yr old game. So. Y'know. Whatever.

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Of Zords and Guardian Beasts · 4:53pm Apr 10th, 2015

Power Rangers is an odd beast.

Yes, I just admitted I've been watching Power Rangers. Yes, I'm a bit embarrassed about that, but there are reasons. Not good reasons, necessarily, but...

Let me back up.

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RIP Terry Pratchett · 4:38pm Mar 12th, 2015

Terry Pratchett is my all time favorite author. His blend of fantasy, humor and social commentary never failed to grip me, and the fact that the adventures of Captain Carrot, Corporal Nobbs, Sergeant Colon, Captain Angua and Commander Vimes have come to an end fills me with an indescribable sadness.

First Nimoy, now Pratchett. This is shaping up to be a rough year.

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The Grind · 11:50am Mar 10th, 2015

There are times when the ideas come so quickly and flow so freely that I almost can't type fast enough to get them out. Then there are times when even getting a paragraph out is like a slog through two feet of snow while in bare feet.

Lately it's been more like the latter for me. I still have ideas, but they are few, and hit at odd times, and when I finally get a chance to sit and write, putting them on the page is sheer frustration.

Perhaps I need a vacation.

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