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Kasper and Joey have been long-time friends, but how they first met was a mystery. They'll make claims that they wound up in a life-or-death struggle together, or that they were at a bear-wrestling competition and met... They've gone as far as to make it seem realistic, where they met at a simple party. But every story seems a bit far-fetched... Here, we have the truth.

Honestly, this was kinda.... not really a serious project. It was fun to do, as I worked on it with a friend, buuut.. yeah.
Sorry for any run-ons. c:

Joey is a real person. His OC belongs to him.
Yes, I know there's no description of Kasp or Joey. Too lazy to put Joey's in. Just imaginatate it.

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With Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle gone over the Summer with their sisters, how will Scootaloo cope? As Scootaloo finishes the latest meeting of the official Rainbow Dash Fan Club, she gets a visit from Rainbow Dash, who is unfortunately late to the party. After a short talk, and a confession from Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash decides to train Scootaloo herself. Scootaloo's adventures over the Summer are filled with surprise, disappointment, entertainment, and more!

***Author's Notes:

Holy jeeze... I made the first chapter a /bit/ more depressing than I wanted it to be.

Oh well. :scootangel:

Also, taking critiques. That is, if ya'll wanna critique it.

...AND BLARGHLESHNARGLE. Forgot to put in Apple Bloom's accent. :U
..oh well. Slightly un-canon dialogue is fine... right?


BLEARGH. Didn't mean for the third chapter to be so short... Oh well. All's good for now. The rest of the chapters will make up for it, when I finish/publish them.


And w00t. Chapter four! :D
I feel like I did horribru with this one!

Me: I'm sorry, Asian father, I get right next time! D:
Asian Dad: No, son, you bring dishonor to your famiry! Now you go back to piano before attempting writing again! Fright of the bumbre bee, backwards, now! D:<
Me: Yes, Asian father. Dx


Chapter five. Short.
Gonna edit it and make it longer; Wanted to give you all content though.
Still alive. Just... problems here at home. Nothin' to worry about; I'm strong. I can handle it. :D


Chapter six is up, and sorry it took a bit. I made it a bit longer to make up for it, though. owo''

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