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...oh, yeah, I've gotta update Scootaloo's Summer · 1:04am Apr 24th, 2012

...fail. Forgot 'bout it. :D

Sorry, guys... I've been swamped in other thoughts. One of them being.. .well, nerdy, if I do say so myself.

I've recently become interested in genes... Organism genes. AKA, DNA. Amino acids... Gene splicing. ETC.

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Sorry for the really short recent chapter... y'know, chapter five. · 2:39am Apr 5th, 2012

Troubles at home.

I can handle 'em fine, but it's time-consuming.

I promise future chapters will be longer, though! I'm workin' on some future chapters as I type this (Switchin' back and forth as I think of what to say), and this one particular one.. Unfinished, it's just broken 2000 words.

The content's comin', guys.

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Delay over. c: · 8:29pm Mar 21st, 2012

Title says it all.

But you all probably knew this, since I posted a new chapter. :U

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POSSIBLY-maybe-just-a-tiny-chance-it's-a-sliver-so-small that the next chapter of Scootaloo's Summer might be a bit. · 8:15pm Mar 16th, 2012

Long story short? Testing.
Lots of it.

/NOT/! That's not what's gonna make a small delay. Testing doesn't really affect me... I usually get 90+ without studying, so I never stress about it. Really, it's that something else crossed my mind. I'm currently working on a one-shot prelude to Scootaloo's Summer, and then "A Day Away", which is also a one-shot.

So expect progress within the week... I usually take care of one-shots quickly.

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Kasper COEI: Who? · 4:45am Mar 8th, 2012

Uninteresting title, yes, but I thought I'd name this blog that, seeing as I'll be speaking about myself.

As a small introduction, I'm currently sixteen, and a sophomore in High School. I'm REEEEAAAAAAALLY lazy(Or at least, I can be... on things like homework), and I /love/ to write. It's like... mah passion. Can't imagine doing it as a full-on career though... Well, I guess I can. But the income from it won't sustain the life I want. >A>''

..getting off track here

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