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1370716 actually it's a story idea, butt points for making me laugh

1369309 well here's one, i liked the most. The personalities are based off my friends I don't have a title but you can come up with one.
the story is about eight friends that grew up with each other but went to different High Schools. After graduating they all got together and went camping. ( before i finish i will describe the characters ).

Mat - twin to Miya, people person all around athlete, lean build height 6.2 - white
Miya - elder twin to Mat people person, but more in fashion trends, lean build height 5.8 - white
Donte - best friend to Mat, he acts a little mean to people he doesn't know until he worms up to them all around athlete, muscle build height 6.0 - black
Eric - lazy, sarcastic, likes giving people nicknames, chubby build height 6.0 - white
Paris( named Air Boobs by Eric witch Paul hates and punches him for it ) - Paul's girlfriend, loves exploring and having fun, runner build height 5.8 - white
Kathryn ( named Kat by Eric everyone uses ) - really layed back, quick tempered when offended, valupuis build height 5.10 - white
Paul ( Paris's boyfriend ) - loves fighting and quick the defend a friend, lean build height 6.4 - white
Marcus ( named rage quite by Eric ) - comes off angry but nice guy loves fighting and quick to defend a friend, lean build height 6.4 - black

( story continues ) The idea was Paris's to go camping. A day in she convinced them to go hiking threw the woods. Long story short they end up in the Everfree Forest.

P.S, Marcus and Paul get into fights sometimes with fists and laugh about i later and rarely fight after there done laughing. I still to this day know why they do it? if you wont more info message me. If you don't like this one message me back i have more :pinkiehappy:

1368907 Ah well in that case I'd love to hear your ideas.

1368524 looking forward to some good reads, and if up need ideas i have lots of story idea :pinkiesmile:, but.. i'm not a writer can't get my ideas on paper or computor in this case. :pinkiesad2:

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