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Aria Blaze does not like people. She'd much rather be in Equestria, a land where emotional magic is strong enough to give her and her sisters, Adagio Dazzle and Sonata Dusk, enough power to rule and do whatever. But, in a tangle, Aria finds herself banished into the harsh and magic-lacking world of the humans - That is, until she finds a book that will change... everything.

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Here, everything is perfect. If it's perfect enough to just be perfect, what could go wrong? A curious filly's dream is what ails her, as there is no way out of this dream. If you live the same dream, over and over, any dream this hellish would sure to make you cry in un-forgiveness.
What do you do, though, when your entire world crumbles around you? When you can't remember your friends, your home, or your family? What if this one simple wish was a mistake?

"I... I just wanted my sister back,"

Note: I changed the slice of life tag to Adventure, as it kinda changes a little as you read through. But it's still probably a bit of both, nonetheless.

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