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How do you fight something that is the perfect predator against creatures that know how to comprehend fear? Simple: you run. You run and pray it follows something else, as the Mane Six find out in this horror/slasher fic.

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The CMC have grown up, and their friends, the Mane Six, have all passed on for one reason or another. How has this effected them? Some have handled it better than others. What can be said for sure is that it is never something that they can let go of easily.

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Many, many things have occurred throughout Equestria's existence, even before ponies were as intelligent as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. But what all is there worth knowing about? We don't know, but Twilight Sparkle does, the studious pony that she is! It's time we discovered more about Equestria in general, from the earliest times of civilization to the most deeply-hidden secrets only revealed to Celestia's most gifted student, by Celestia herself.

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