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The war between the night and the day grinds on. Ponies on both sides face horrifying odds in a seemingly endless war. For Rainbow Dash and Soarin these facts are too real. Despite this fact, the two ponies managed to carve out a small space of calm in the midst of all the chaos. But nothing is guaranteed on the battlefield especially when duty and compassion run against each other.

Submitted for dragonfoxgirl's contest based on her artwork "Please Don't Fly"

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For centuries the Ten Legions of Equestria have stood as a bulwark against those seeking to destroy Equestria. From the lowest trainee to the Captain of the Guard, all are ready to lay down their lives for her security. However peace has more or less reigned for the past few decades and no vigilance can be eternally kept. Contracted by a mysterious employer, a team of griffin mercenaries has infiltrated Equestria to assassinate a pony. The simple attempt on one life will alter the fate of a thousand ponies.

So this is my first story and I'm hoping to eventually make a series out of it. I'd appreciate any reviews or critiques to let me know what I need to improve on.

Chapters (1)