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Hi. I'm more of an artist then a writer. But I can be good at shooting ideas for stories.

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Angel Shine was a poor little filly, who has had problems with herself her whole life. Being teased for wearing rags. For not having any expensive items like other fillies. For not having her cutiemark...For not having a single friend to standby.

Her whole life changes, however, once she meets a well-known pink party pony, who turns her life upside down. Though it seems that Angel has also changed that filly's life as well...

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Twilight Sparkle never thought she'd hate anypony. But somehow...He's been able to make her hate him.

Cover Page was done by me, but is still a WIP. I will get around to finishing it. You know...eventually.

This is also my first fimfic, so I am accepting constructive criticism.

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