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I'm in more than a little trouble. · 12:36pm Dec 14th, 2013

Eheh... I've screwed up big time ._.
So I were playing on Shade's DotD account earlier, me and a guy called Florinel started posting links, some of which were not SFW.
A moderator caught us and we got banned until the 18th'.
That were the 11th Dec, a huge world raid started the 14th (Today.)
The world raid is 4 days and 20 hours long.
Yeah she drop kicked me. Hard.

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Are you still going to update journey of a lifetime???

You still alive?

1336880 Just get to it D: I crave my fix man...

1330836, Story is going under a written process at the moment to improve the flow and make it less Gary Stu. Going to take come time as I have to go through all 52 chapters, plus chapter 53 that is in process.

766652 >Not given up on the story.
> 44 weeks ago.

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