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"Magic has a source, Twilight Sparkle. It was never lost to the history books, but was simply... left out."

Magic...something that is held true and close to the hearts of all ponies in some form or another. It runs kingdoms, changes seasons, even is used as power. But what happens when magic has mysteriously disappeared, leaving Unicorns and Alicorns alike rendered the same as Earth ponies and Pegasai. The Crystal Empire is in shambles and the fate of Equestria - No. The world - rests on the shoulders of one.

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Pepper Spice, a simple mare in 18th century Equestria seeking change. A meet with an adventurous noble who talks her into the life of adventure and discovery in a distant land, though things are not as they seem when the tides turn. The sea is a cruel mistress and she gives the luxury of mercy to no pony. How will she fare? Will she crack? Will others pay? (Feed back is encouraged. I also am willing to take event suggestions for the story. I drew the cover image myself.)

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Celestias' and Lunas' brother, long forgotten in history after his banishment 2000 years ago. But he returns in Forgotten Royalty, hungering for revenge against his sisters and thus waging war on Equestria. Ponies from his land far far away invade and the six just might not be enough to defeat him so they must call on an...unsuspecting ally.

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