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The Star Well - Sexy Frog

Magic has mysteriously disappeared across the world, leaving it in shambles. Can magic be saved?

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The Star Well

The Star Well

As the moon slowly clawed its way up the sky to its lofty throne, the sky’s caramel tint faded to a deep sapphire. Slowly but surely, sprinkles of light seemed to punch holes in the fabric of the sky and smiled upon the land below to greet the inhabitants. As many prepared for bed, the cool winds heralding the end of the waking world, elsewhere, matters were grimmer. The figure of a sleek, female body paced up and down the halls, her face warped into a troubled mess and her unkempt mane stretched limply to the floor as if in a desperate attempt for freedom. The peace of the still, brilliant halls bejeweled with paintings and tapestries was suddenly shattered by the clopping of hooves upon the marble floor.

“He has come.” Announced a stocky white Pegasus. His figure mostly hidden behind a golden suit of armor that glimmered in the sickly moonlight sneaking its way in through the windows. Thought his tone was even, wariness was simple enough to detect. “If you require my assistance, I will be right outside.”

The frantic figure turned to face him, giving an eager nod before speaking curtly, doing her best to stifle as much unease from her tone. “I thank you, but that will not be necessary. Bring him to me. I will be waiting in the observatory.” She instructed flatly and then adding one more hasty message before trotting off. “Please, have him hurry!”

The Pegasus bowed his head before backing out, “Of course.”


Tendrils of light slithered about the observatory walls as the door was creaked open, filling the room with an audible groan of aged wood. The unkempt pony trotted from place to place, her lips moving as if whispering something to herself. A trail of turquoise dust lay strewn about the floor in an odd pattern, tracing the shape of two stars interlocked with one another. A second figure flitted her way inside, her hooves scarcely making a sound as she seemed to glide across the marble; never the less, the first figure seemed to take notice. She craned her neck the gaze upon the astonishing, yet noticeably smaller figure who was substantially groomed in comparison to her and her mane seemed to billow in the lightest breeze. Despite her beauty, her visage was no merrier than the larger of the two.

They stared at one another in awkward silence for a moment before the smaller spoke first. “I am unsure of my feelings toward this. Surely there is another-” she began, her voice squeaking as if in the makings of a plea before being interrupted by the first.

“There is no other way! Don’t you see? I’ve tried everything, I’ve referenced every book, and I’ve been advised by every knowledgeable pony we know. He is the only one who can do it.” The unkempt one snapped, her voice elevating and cracking with emotion before sending a hoof stamping threateningly on the marble causing the smaller one to visibly flinch. Seeing this, she sighed, taking a pace forward. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted. But there is no other way. We have to get this under control now before it gets out of hand.” She cooed, her tone having become smoother and more comforting.

The smaller one trudged to the interlocked dust stars, inspecting them and her eyes glazed over as if in a fit of nostalgia. She let out a nervous chuckle before uttering a statement. “Just like last time. The only difference is that this time, I have you.”

The larger figure walked toward the smaller one, pressing her muzzle against the others neck and closing her eyes. “This time, that will never change.”
Suddenly the doors flew open, the faintly moonlit dome of the observatory becoming eerily colder and the lights that snaked up the walls were snuffed away. Its shadow trailed across the wall as the two stared toward their newest arrival, one they had not seen in quite some time. He was male, unlike the two who had already been in the room, his face near archaic, wrinkles etched into the skin under his hair and his mane was frizzy and drenched grey. Making his way across the room, he swept his gaze over the two thought his eyes betrayed not a single thought or emotion and his expression seemed to be locked in a perpetual grimace.

“Please, help her!” began the larger one, taking a few impatient steps toward the older pony.

He didn’t move, his sights only flitting the smaller one before muttering in a raspy, yet deep voice. “You were so young.” He began, his head bowed as he seemed to be recalling events of the past as if they were unfolding before him once again. “I am sorry we did what we did to you and I am determined for it not to happen again.”

“Enough, old friend. You both did what needed to be done, forget not that I was not in a right state of mind…” she started defensively, her ears laying flat against her head before she suddenly stood erect. Something was wrong. Both the older figure and the larger one swung their heads around to stare at her, clearly half expecting something awful to transpire. The little one shook her head, trying to shake the thoughts that gnawed at the back of her mind but time was running out. They had to do it now before the malice took firm root. “We must do this now! I can feel it taking hold! I cannot suppress it forever!” she croaked, having bought some more time. Quickly she trotted over to the interlocked dust stars, carefully stepping into one as to not blow up the dust.

As she cast a glance back, the older figure was already following the larger. This was the time; the time to be rid of it forever. He shuffled into the opposite star before staring deep into her eyes. “Know this, little one; you do not have to do this. I can place a powerful seal on you. The malice will be kept dormant for a few more years, I can-”

“Enough prattle, do it now!” she hissed, more coldly than she had intended. It was obvious that the malice was taking hold, seeding hostility into her speech as it grew more and more powerful by the second.

The old one took in a sharp wisp of air before looking back towards the larger, unkempt figure behind, upon her reassuring nod, he turned back to focus. Shaking his frizzy, grey mane it revealed the blunt point of a horn that glowed with a musty yellow tinge as time went by. The old unicorn closed his eyes as his consciousness was lost to concentration, before long he bore his teeth from the strain as a yellow stream of energy gushed from his horn, feeding into the turquoise powder. As more and more coursed into the powder, the trail began to illuminate a dim glow that pulsed stronger and stronger. Before long, the entire shape traced by the dust glittered like the heaven just above their heads. It was working!

The worry bent face of the larger figure seemed to ease with relief. As the powder continued to glow, the dome flooded with a breath taking display of lights. Walls of light like those of the north scored the air, leaving gashes of bleeding beauty in its wake. Despite the scenery, the trio kept their focus and disregarded it all. While only minutes had passed, it felt like a millennia; longer still with the worry sick pony standing just outside the pattern. Then, as quick as lightning, it began. A blast of shadow exploded from the smaller figure standing amidst the powder star, sending arms of darkness sailing across the floor of the observatory. The shadows fanned out as they tore their way up the dome walls to the ceiling and finally enveloping it all in a seemingly impenetrable cask of night.

The larger one let out a yelp of surprise as she staggered backwards but the old Unicorn stood his ground, his face growing dark; the light produced by his horn intensified drastically causing the shadow trapped air to crackle with energy. With a final cry of effort, the old Unicorn gave a stupendous burst of power that rocked the very foundations of the observatory before colliding head on with the smaller figure that was practically unintelligible in the all consuming dark. Suddenly, the encasing darkness evaporated, letting the faint moonlight trickle back into the observatory. The spot where the smaller pony had once stood was empty but not far away she lay sprawled on the floor, her sides heaving.

The larger pony let out an exasperated sigh before galloping over to her and nuzzling her with affection. But something wasn’t right, in fact, something was very wrong. As the two females shared their affection, the older Unicorn could not help shake the dismay that built in his chest like rot in a bog. As he cast a sideways glance to the balcony of the observatory he saw the door fly open. Readying his horn once again, he snapped his body toward it just in time for the two ponies to become aware of what was transpiring. An uninvited fourth had joined them. The fourth shot a glare backwards toward the old one, its grunt of frustration echoing through the room. It looked so familiar, a sight that for countless years struck fear in the hearts of those young and old. The Unicorn acted as fast as he could, firing a mustard yellow bolt of energy towards it but the fourth figure disappeared in a weak explosion of shadow before reappearing just outside on the rail of the balcony.

“Until we meet again.” The fourth teased cynically. With that, it exploded once again into shadow and was gone.


“It’s awfully kind of you to visit us again so soon, Twilight.” Cadence commented, her crystalline mane glimmering in the embers of light that bounced about the court from the reflections of the crystals. “Shining Armor’s been busy keeping track of both Equestria and the Crystal Empire so it does get lonely.”
Twilight gave a reassuring smile before casting a forlorn glance out the window that overlooked the entire Empire. “I know the feeling. Shining Armor was away for so long as the Canterlot guard captain that I hardly ever saw him. That aside, I also came to see how things were doing in the Crystal Empire.”
Checking on the Crystal Empire was one of the latest in the plethora of tasks Princess Celestia had bestowed upon her after stopping King Sombra with the help of her friends. Unfortunately, thought they helped her save the Crystal Empire, the task of checking on the Empire was for her to bear alone; aside from the company of Spike. The little purple and green dragon stood just beside her, gnawing on a sizeable gem that Cadence had given him upon their arrival.
“Things have been running rather smoothly. Being a newly established Empire after so long, we’ve had our share of difficulties but it’s nothing we can’t handle. Plus Aunt Celestia has been giving us some support in other things to get up on our feet.” Cadence reported proudly, her eyes gleaming with satisfaction and warmth.

“Oh, good. That makes this very simple.” Twilight nodded before turning to Spike who was still savagely biting at the gem. “Spike, take a letter.”
At that instant the small assistant froze, slipping the gem into his satchel that hung from his shoulder and pulling out a quill and parchment. “Uh, right. Go for it, Twilight!” she proclaimed once he was ready to begin.

“Dear Princess Celestia-” she began the religiously repeated words that she said every week before the echoing slam of the court door reverberated off the crystal walls. As Twilight tilted her head to see the cause of the interruption, a glossy crystalline pony cantered its way to the throne leaving a whirl of leaves that were blown in from outside in its wake.

Upon further inspection, the Crystal pony was male, his neatly styled hair seemed locked in place like the crystals that made up the walls of the very castle. But as he galloped nearer, the expression of sheer horror was distinguishable. Cadence was instantly alert, her ears pricked as he slid to a stop just before the throne, huffing loudly beside Twilight who was staring at him with interest.

“T-the Crystal H-Heart!” he choked, dropping into a sloppy sitting position as his chest rose and fell erratically.

“What about it?” Cadence prompted warily, leaning forward in her throne.

“It’s…it’s dead!” he managed just in time before the crystal perfection of his coat was erased and replaced by dull brown hair and bags grew under his eyes. “All is lost, Princess.”

As if on cue, the perfect cloudless sky that enveloped the Crystal Empire seemed to chip away and before long, a blood freezing gust of wind from the outside rolled in. The blood curdling shrieks of confusion and panic around the kingdom were more than audible from the court.

“I must hold the barrier up with my magic until we find out what’s wrong!” Cadence shouted as she shot from her seat and up the window, closing her eyes shut to concentrate. After a few heartbeats had passed, nothing happened.

“Cadence,” Twilight urged, her voice becoming worried. “What are you waiting for? Put up the barrier!”

Cadence looked back at her, her eyes filled to the brim with dismay. “I-I don’t know what’s wrong! My magic…it won’t work!”

“What? That’s impossible! Let me try, have Shining Armor get here quick!” Twilight commanded. Even though she knew she had little authority over a princess, Cadence obeyed anyhow. Twilight focused her stare to the horizon, picturing the flawless sky over the Crystal Empire, warming it to the perfect temperature before closing her eyes. She could feel the power pooling in her chest as she readied herself to shoot a jolt of magic into the sky to restore the Empire’s sky and keep out any still lurking entities. She thrust her head forward, imagining the bolt of energy rocketing out of her horn through her closed eyes but as she opened them, she found nothing had happened. Her horn wasn’t even glowing with the usual energy that magic caused it to hold.

“Twilight?” Spike began from her side. “Maybe we should go back to Equestria and ask the princess what’s going on. If anypony knows what’s going on, it’d be her, right?”

Twilight didn’t look at him, continuing to stare out the window into the snow ravaged horizon. Her expression was riddled with an unsure air though her tone remained even. “I hope so, Spike. I hope so.”

“Twilight.” Cadence called from where she had been conversing with a crystal pony who appeared to be a royal courier of some sort. “This just came in before whatever is going on started. It’s from Princess Celestia. I have to go check on the Crystal Heart!” she added before turning tail and speeding out of the court.

As the clopping of Cadence’s hoofs grew fainter, Twilight looked down at the letter before her. Without question, Spike stepped forward, taking the letter and opening it for her before holding it in front of his face as his eyes scanned the paper. He looked up with a serious expression before reading it aloud.
“My humble student, Twilight Sparkle,

It has never been more crucial that you return to Canterlot at once. Events will be transpiring soon that will shape the very existence of this world and I – No, the world needs you now more than ever! If what I believe might happen has indeed transpired by the time you receive this, teleporting or any other form of magic to get you here faster will be impossible. While you would have received this much faster if I had sent it to Spike, I could not take the risk. The transference spell is powered by magic as well and it might not have gotten to you. I must keep this brief as the matters at hand will require much focused planning, my student. I only leave you with this. Hurry, Twilight Sparkle, or the lack of magic will be the last thing the world will have on its platter to worry about.
Princess Celestia.”

Once Spike had finished the reading, Twilights eyes were stretched wide. What could have caused the sudden disappearance of magic? What could it be that would have even the princess so on edge? “We have to go. Now Spike!” Twilight ordered as Spike hesitated but then hopped onto her back.
Twilight raced out of the court, her mane billowing in the wind. She could feel the icy tinged air snapping at her face but she ignored it. She had to hurry. Once she made it down the ground level off in the distance she could just make out something that made her gasp in horror. A black crystal. Cadence had just scurried beside her, mirroring Twilight Sparkle’s reaction.

“But, that’s impossible! We destroyed him!” Cadence exclaimed, panic creeping into her voice.

The black crystal on the edge of the settlement begged to differ. Within seconds, crystals around the first began to cloud until they turned darker and darker and then finally black as night. The shrieks and hollers of the denizens grew louder and more desperate. Twilight could make out the shapes of the Crystal ponies, who no longer held their fantastic sparkling coats as the scattered about like ants under siege. King Sombra had returned!

“I have to go, Cadence! Princess Celestia seems to know what’s going on and she says I may be the only one who can stop it!” Twilight called to Cadence as she began to pace backwards. She spoke the truth but she was using it now more as a scapegoat. The genuine fear that had taken root in the pit of her belly was too great and roared in her mind for her to flee.

Cadence, who took no notice of her fear through her own, nodded. “Hurry, Twilight or the Crystal Empire will be consumed!” The Crystal Princess retreated into the castle, calling orders as the whole of the Empire began to grow cold and dark. All Twilight could do now was run.


Without the usage of magic, the trail back to Canterlot had been more grueling than she had expected. Twilight paced about the train cart, the unease that had bounced in her belly still not letting loose. The Crystal Empire was under attack while she just sat here in a train waiting. She could hardly stand the thought and it made her sick to her stomach. Spike sat in a seat staring at her as she paced around. He was scared too, she could tell but not about the whole ordeal. He was scared for her well being, but that was something she couldn’t afford to think about right now. Finally the train came to halt and the doors slid open. She galloped out of the train with Spike trailing just behind her, expecting to feel the warm, comforting rays of sun that bounced about Canterlot’s amazing streets but instead skidded to a halt almost immediately, causing Spike to slam into her flank as she stared at the scenes before her with her jaw off its hinges.

Canterlot was in chaos! Ponies streaked up and down the streets with terrified hollers. Shops burned with intense fires that blazed with the force that grew with each passing second causing a thick ash to hang low in the air like an early morning fog. This was nothing like how she expected! Every fiber of her being shouted for her to turn back but she had to press on, and so she did. She steered her way through blazing alleys and pushing her way up the stream of terrified Unicorns as the choking smoke forced its way into her lungs, causing her throat to burn. After many minutes she was at the foot of Canterlot Castle and panting, Spike collapsed from exhaustion, wheezing in a desperate attempt to snatch air into his lungs but still determined to press on as he dragged himself forward painfully.

“Stop fooling around, Spike!” Twilight snapped before grabbing him by the scaly scruff of his neck and tossing him onto her back.

“Who’s fooling?” Spike choked, rubbing his head before she snatched him up.

Without another word she raced up the steps and began to move past the guards. As she did so, both the stocky pegasei shot their massive wings up the block her way, their blazing glares directed at her.

“Halt!” One of the guards exclaimed. “Nopony is allowed into Canterlot Castle. Orders of Princess Celestia.” He recited as if it has been carefully implanted into his train of thought.

“Let me through! I am Twilight Sparkle, personal student of the Princess!” Twilight attempted to reason, but her explanations fell upon deaf ears.

“Nopony is allowed into Canterlot Castle.” The second guard echoed as they both kept their wings in place, acting as a solid wall of feathers.

“Let her through!” ordered a voice from far above. As Twilight and the guards looked up simultaneously, she could just make out the glittering, flowing mane of Princess Celestia in the orange, charred sky. Almost reluctantly, the guards lowered their wings, allowing Twilight to pass. Twilight hurried in, Spike bouncing up and down on her back from the ferocity of her strides and began her way up the throne room. Steering her way through the halls, the heavier placement of guards was very noticeable. There seemed to be a guard on every corner of the palace! Finally she made it to the throne room doors and pushed them open, filling it with a groan just in time to see both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna standing with impatient expressions on their faces.

“Come, Twilight Sparkle. We have much to discuss.” Princess Luna beckoned her, jerking her head toward the throne.

Finally Twilight settled before the two sisters, setting Spike down for him to stand beside her. “What in all of Equestria is going on?” Twilight began; she had searched for more dignified words but could find none that would adequately express her confusion and worry. “What happened to Canterlot? Why has the Crystal Heart died? Why does my magic not work? What-” she cut off her rambling just as she saw Celestia’s hoof rose to silence her.

“Magic has disappeared, my student,” Celestia explained, “The whole of magic that is funneled into this world has been blockaded like a river being blocked by a dam.”

“But…but how?” Twilight gasped, taken aback by the thought.

Celestia didn’t answer right away, suddenly thoughtful and appearing to stare right through Twilight as if looking into her very soul. “Perhaps it would be best if Luna gave you the explanation.” She concluded as she glanced aside at the quiet princess of the night.

Luna bowed her head at her sister’s allowance for her to speak. “Indeed, perhaps it would be best.” Turning to Twilight, she began her explanation. “Twilight Sparkle, what if I told you that magic comes from… somewhere?”

“Come from somewhere? Like…a location? On Earth?”

Yes, Twilight Sparkle.” Luna sighed impatiently, “A place on Earth.”

“But…that’s impossible. I have countless books about magic; none of them say anything about magic’s source…” Twilight concluded, shaking her head in denial.

Luna and Celestia exchanged a glance that made Twilight’s blood freeze in her veins. Was that reluctance in their eyes? Luna went on, though her speech seemed slow as if selecting her words carefully. “No, there wouldn’t be. Magic has a source, Twilight Sparkle. It was never lost to the history books, but simply…left out.”

“Left out? Why? That’s amazing!” Twilight exclaimed, forgetting the horrors of the world for a brief moment as he ears perked with interest. “Magic has a source! Why has no pony been told? We can learn so much!”

“That’s just it, Twilight!” Celestia interjected crossly. “No pony knows for a reason! You see it as a learning opportunity, others see it as a means of obtaining unmatchable power and that is a threat to the world!”

For once, Twilight had nothing to say. She opened her mouth to retaliate, to try and make the two princesses understand the good that could come from it, but nothing came out. For some reason, she felt that more bad could come of it than good. “Then what happened to the source? Why is everything falling apart?”

“That is just it Twilight Sparkle, we do not know.” Luna continued. “Though we have a good guess; somepony has come across the Star Well and is blocking it so that no magic can be channeled into the world. Earth runs off magic, our kingdoms are governed by it and it is used daily, without it, our world is in ruins.”

“The Star Well?” Twilight echoed, tilting her head aside.

“The name we gave the source of magic on the day of its discovery. As my sister had informed you upon the day in which you saved the Crystal Empire, King Sombra was overthrown.” Luna ventured, side glancing Celestia to see if she was able to continue. With no objections, she went on. “But what she had not told you was that we were the ones who overthrew him. But unlike Discord, King Sombra was much too powerful for the Elements of Harmony and our attempts were like the bites of a flea against the might of his malice tainted magic. He issued a challenge and like moths to a flame, we fell for his trap and were defeated even with the help of the Elements. Fleeing to lick out wounds and escape Sombra’s corruption, we came across the Isle of Augury. After some exploration, we discovered something that changed our view of the world as we knew it. The Star Well!” Luna smiled brilliantly, her eyes twinkling in wonderment, recalling the memory so clearly. “It was a seemingly endless fount of magical essence that glimmered with the power of the heavens and fed magic into the very world, tethering existence to magic itself. Using its power, we honed our magical abilities and even substantially boosted the effectiveness of the Elements of Harmony for a single usage which we saved for Sombra himself. Using that, we finally trapped him in the cold of the north.”

“Wow!” Twilight remarked; her eyes twinkled just as Luna’s had. Could something on this planet really hold so much raw power? Enough to supply the whole world with that much magic?

“Indeed.” Celestia cut into Twilights thoughts. “And now you see just how powerful the Star Well is and why it cannot be told to the world. We’ve kept it secret to protect it and we need you now more than ever. The Isle of Augury was guarded by one also forgotten by the history books, who aided us during our rebellion against Sombra, but after recent events, he was the only one who I could rely on so I called him away. I regret ever doing so, and with the Isle undefended, this has happened.”

Twilight narrowed her eyes slight. What recent event could be so urgent that even Celestia wouldn’t know how to deal with? Though she longed to know, she didn’t dare express it.

“Take this map, Twilight Sparkle.” Luna instructed before slide it over to her. As Twilight had Spike slip the map into her saddle bag, Luna went on. “Journey to the Isle of Augury and find him. You will know of who we speak when you see him. He will be expecting you. Do not-” She cut off just as a large explosion sounded off outside the castle, shattering the stained glass windows of the throne room and sending the stained shards sailing everywhere.

Racing to the window to see what happened, Twilight stood beside the princesses with wide eyes. A black cloud was rolling in towards Canterlot from far off in the distance. As it grew closer, she could just make out the swift beating of wings faint and like the buzz of mosquito wings in her ear. It was only just then that Twilight realized that Canterlot was under siege but by whom? As the cloud grew nearer, she could see a figure that headed the cloud. The figure’s black, chitin like flesh glistening in the burning sky and her sickly dark mane buffeted by the smoke. Queen Chrysalis had returned! With no magic to keep her out, all the love of Canterlot was hers for the taking! First the Crystal Empire, now Canterlot!

“Go! Now!” Celestia commanded pointing out of the throne room just in time before Chrysalis burst through a window, sending more stained glass to join the piles that were already on the marble.

“Ah, Celestia, wonderful to see you again. Oh, and Luna? How lovely of you to actually be here to watch me take over Equestria! You two will make excellent food for my kin!” Chrysalis hissed through bared teeth. Her sights snapped on Twilight before hissing at her viciously. “Twilight Sparkle! The one who cast me from this place with her ‘Elements of Harmony’! Bah!” As she took a step toward her, Celestia advanced.

“You will go no further, Chrysalis!” Celestia boomed threateningly, her face growing grimmer than Twilight had ever seen.

“Must I teach you a lesson how I did on the wedding day, Celestia?” Chrysalis taunted, shooting her a smug look.

That was the last Twilight heard as she gathered Spike and galloped out the door before hearing a shrill cry. “Oh no you don’t! After her my minions!” In that instant, the sound of fierce buzzing erupted in the halls as a wall of black loomed just behind her, gaining speed with each second. Twilight shrieked, galloping so fast that her muscles began to sear, her joins screaming in agony. It was a swarm of Changelings!

She burst through the doors, not letting up in her speed as guards did their best to at the very least slow the swarm down by we inevitably engulfed by the unstoppable force. As she descended the brilliant marble steps, the Changeling cloud kept coming! She stopped dead in her stacks at the base of the stairs as a second cloud of Changelings appeared in front of her. The swarm behind her broke off to flank her on her sides as well. She was trapped! This was the end, killed off by scores of heartless shape shifters! Suddenly, an ear piercing screech sounded from above. Twilight looked up to see a circling streak of orange that gradually grew lower and lower until finally, she felt sharp claws dig into her back as the powerful beat of wings lifted her off the ground. She began to struggle, more afraid of the creature lifting her off the ground rather than the Changeling at this point only to realize what was carrying her. It was Philomena!
Despite the phoenix’s thorn sharp claws digging into her back, she was grateful for the elegant bird coming to her rescue, but there was no time to rejoice.

Almost immediately, the Changelings took to the air giving chase. Casting a glance over her shoulder she could just make out Spike hanging on to her saddle bags for dear life. At first the Changelings gained with alarming speed by eventually, Philomena gave a sudden burst of speed that nearly sent Spike plummeting to the ground if it weren’t for his claws digging into the fabric of her bags, almost ripping them open. Eventually, the bug creatures gave in, trailing behind until they eventually disappeared into the horizon. She was going to have to use Philomena to get to the Isle of Augury and find the Star Well. Ponyville would be a waste of time and effort; the princesses made it clear enough that they Star Well must remain a secret and that the Elements of Harmony would be powerless to stop what’s going on. Gathering her friends would be in vain and only cost her more time. But from her high vantage point, Twilight could already make out the abstract placement of monuments and buildings down in Ponyville, the whole of the town being drenched in chocolate rain. The disappearance of magic must have released Discord from his stone prison. All the past evils Twilight and her friends had faced seemed to have returned thanks to this tragedy!

“Philomena, take me to the Isle of Augury!” Twilight shouted to the phoenix over the roaring of the wind that buffeted them, plastering her hair to her skin and the bird’s feathers to her flesh with hurricane like force. Philomena let out a squawk of acknowledgement before veering to the left and flapping her wings to keep aloft. They would be there soon enough, she was sure.


In what felt like days, Twilight could finally feel the warmth of the marine heated air. Looking down she could make out the dazzling reflection of the sun as it bounced off the rippling waves of the ocean. The cawing of gulls in the distance seemed to make her feel as though all was normal, at least in the remote regions of the world they were. But elsewhere, horrible disasters were taking hold of everything she held dear and that was something she couldn’t allow.

“Are you okay, Spike?” Twilight Sparkle called over the hissing of the wind, looking back to where Spike had finally climbed up the night before and now sat, holding a hand to his mouth.

“Uh…I think I’m going to be sick!” he groaned as his face turned dark green.

In that instant, she could feel Philomena angling downwards as if about to begin a sharp decent. “I suggest you hold it!” Twilight yelped just as the phoenix shot down toward the water. Why was she doing that? They were nowhere near land, why were they descending? Without warning, Philomena shot back up at a full ninety degree angle into the sky. The sun blinded Twilight for a moment, leaving her dazed but she recovered just in time to see Philomena retract her wings and begin to nose dive towards the water. A knot of fear tightened in her belly; what was going on? Philomena was going to drown them! She wanted to be free of the thought of death but she couldn’t escape it, the only thing that came from her was the sharp scream that was cut off abruptly by water that filled her lungs. She was drowning!

Her legs felt weak as the salty water swirled violently around her, her head was swimming and everything began to grow dark.

I’m sorry…I failed you, Princess. She though hopelessly before unconsciousness gnawed at the back of her mind, threatening to swallow her whole until suddenly her head broke the surface of the water.

She gasped wildly, feeling like a landed fish and sputtered up splashes of water that left a terrible taste in her mouth. She was glad she could breathe, but something was off. Her head broke the water, but…the surface of the water went up like a wall! Philomena stood before her on a springy patch of grass with an amused glint in her eye. Twilight paddled forward desperately, suddenly feeling her hooves meet solid ground. Casting her glance about, she could hardly believe her eyes! It was an underwater island! The Isle of Augury was hidden under water! As her mind wandered, she became acutely aware of Spike’s absence.

“Spike?!” Twilight called in a worried tone. “Spike, where are you?!”

A muffled cry for help answered her call. As Twilight paced up and down the sand of the beach, doing her best to ignore the oceanic walls that surged around the isle she could see a small body of purple scales wiggling in the sand. His head was stuck in the ground. Twilight rolled her eyes impatiently before trotting over to him and butting his side with her head, careful not to jab him with her horn. As Spike rolled out and freed his head, he coughed up a mucky mixture of water and sand, gasping for air just as Twilight had.

“I thought we were goners for sure!” Spike exclaimed, clearly exhausted from panic.

“Hardly likely. Philomena knows this isle like the back of her wing. After all, she was born here.” Rasped a mysterious third voice.

Twilight snapped her head around, taking a defensive stance, ready to fight off any who threatened her or Spike. Then she stopped herself, Luna had mentioned a guide that would come to show her the way to the Star Well, this must be her guide. The pony was rather tall, but he seemed eerily familiar. His frizzy, grey splashed mane hung messily around his neck and his visage was riddled with various wrinkles. But what truly defined him was his hat, cloak and gray beard. His hat was pointed and decorated with celestial bodies and bells, the same designs about his cloak as well. She knew him, but from where? Suddenly it hit her; he was Star Swirl the Bearded! She thought she had seen it all, but now a long dead wizard was still among the living? This was absurd!

“Y-you’re…you’re…” the words were stuck in her mouth, threatening to choke her where she stood.

“Star Swirl the Bearded?” Star Swirl finished for her, a shimmer of amusement glinting in his eyes.

Twilight could barely contain herself as she let out a subconscious squeal of delight to which Star Swirl glared at her. Of course he would, the world was in peril and in danger of being over taken by the villains of the past and she was here, gawking at a tusty old Unicorn.

“We have matters to attend to, Twilight Sparkle. There is not time for your petty fanatical shrieks.” Star Swirl scolded before rearing around and beginning to pace off towards the heart of the island.

“But…you’re supposed to be dead… aren’t you?” she questioned as she paced after him, catching up just enough to look at him while Spike trailed behind her.

“I am confidently sure that Celestia told you about the Star Well, correct?” Star Swirl inquired, glancing at her as he continued his pace. After a confirming nod from Twilight, he went on. “Then you know that the Star Well had to be left out of general knowledge. As its guardian, it was my duty to be forgotten as well, and so my death was etched into the archives of time forever even though it is false.”

Afterwards, they treaded deeper into the island in silence. Twilight was in awe all the while as she stared about the environment. The Isle of Augury was under water but just deep enough so that a steady stream of sunlight vented through the ocean surface that fed the dense forest that blossomed on the islands surface. The sounds of buzzing wildlife filled her ears as she contemplated how remarkable it was that animals could survive here but eventually her awe subsided and curiosity picked at her sanity.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, what exactly has happened to the Star Well that has made magic just…vanish?” Twilight ventured, quickening her pace so that the old Unicorn couldn’t ignore her.

At first her remained deathly silent, flexing his jaw in a thoughtful manner before letting out an exhausted sigh. “I suppose there is no use in not telling you. Quite a few moons ago, during my time still guarding this place, Philomena had returned carrying a letter with the seal of Princess Celestia. Intrigued, I opened it and discovered that it was a request – no, a plea for help. Apparently, recent events had transpired to cause the malice within Princess Luna to renew its self and as it grew more powerful it began to take control of her once again. She had been on the verge of reawakening Nightmare Moon twice since you stopped her.” He took another breath before swiveling his head to look at her, clearly not worried about obstacles ahead. “Princess Celestia begged me to return to Canterlot at once and perform the Ursa Seal.”

“The Ursa Seal?” Twilight interrupted with a shocked gasp. “But that is the most powerful and dangerous seal of them all!” It was true, the Ursa Seal was a spell only to be performed by the most practiced and professional users. Only through years of training and diligent study could one perform it correctly, for if even the slightest thing went wrong, it had the collective power to tear lands asunder.

“Yes, I am aware. But the Ursa Seal was the only spell capable of fully trapping Nightmare Moon’s corrupting whispers forever.” Star Swirl reasoned before continuing the tale. “However, on the night of the ceremony, something went wrong. Nightmare Moon was more powerful than I anticipated and would not be sealed so easily. She somehow managed to divert some of the magic from the seal into the bond that tethered Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon together, causing them to split as entirely spate entities. I tried to subdue her but she escaped and with me being gone from the Star Well, it was left undefended.” He paused as his voice grew hard and his eyes darkened. “I fear for the worse. Most likely she found the Star Well and is tainting it. I don’t think magic has disappeared, but rather, been corrupted so that only those whom harbor evil in their hearts may take advantage of it.”

Twilight stopped in her tracks upon hearing that. Of course! It explained so much! That was why King Sombra was able to return and convert the crystals with his dark magic and why Discord could still cause chaos in Ponyville and Chrysalis and her changelings were able to shape shift! But her thought were cut short once Star Swirl paused a few feet ahead, his eyes wary and alert.

“We have arrived, Twilight Sparkle. Nightmare Moon has placed a barrier that prohibits those who have been to the Isle of Augury in the past from entering, but you have not been here in the past. Only you may enter. I wish you best of luck. May you emerge victorious.” Star Swirl consoled before parting fronds of trees that blocked a hidden tunnel in the ground with just enough room to duck through.

She stared into the tunnel before taking a deep breath. She didn’t want to go in there but she had to in order to reach the Star Well and save the world. “Come on, Spike.” Twilight encouraged. “Hold onto my tail.” Upon the nervous gulp of fear from her baby dragon companion and the feeling of weight on her tail, she strode forward into the choking shroud of shadows.

Almost immediately, the narrow entrance of the tunnel widened out into an immense cave system judging by the sound of the sound of bats and repetitive pattering of droplets that resonated in the distance. The darkness of the cave was near crippling, leaving Twilight in a state of worry, cautiously testing the ground to make sure there were no holes or obstacles about.

“Twilight…” Spike whispered, though his voice carried through the cave, bouncing off the walls in an echo that amplified his voice. “I’m not sure about this…”

“We have to, Spike. It’s for the good of the world.” She retorted, keeping her focus on the route ahead. It was then that she could just faintly see the glimmer of daylight at the very far end of the tunnel. Habit nearly forced her to try and conjure a spell to illuminate the area with her magnificent purple glow as she had in the past but the realization of the current situation crashed into her making her hopes dwindle.

“Twilight, stop kicking me and keep going!” Spike suddenly snapped, his tone sounding impatient.

Puzzled, Twilight stopped. “I haven’t touched you.”

“What? Then what was that?” Spike squeaked, sounding suddenly terrified.

Without warning, the harsh sound of swiftly spreading wings shot through the cave and Spike’s shrill cries of help boomed through the caverns, causing the bats in the distance to screech and flap away.

“Spike?!” Twilight called desperately.

Spike’s shriek suddenly grew fainter as if he were being carried away ahead of her. Her mind raced at the thought of losing him, causing her to throw caution to the wind. She galloped forward at full speed, not caring anymore for holes or obstacles as she stomped through puddles and over stone, racing eagerly after the sound of his shrieks. But she wasn’t fast enough. His shouts of help, begging for her to go fast and save him disappeared as a shadow passed through the exit that glowed with the light of the outside. Whatever it was had carried him off! Then a sickening maniacal laughter of victory sounded through the cave, echoing off the walls and taunting Twilight cruelly. Nightmare Moon! Twilight hissed inwardly, her mind laden with revenge.

Twilight burst through the exit, the bright glare of the sun threatening to singe her eyes. Dazed for a moment she stood there until her eyes adjusted, but as they did, her eyes stretched wide. In the ground was a darkened, near black marble circle with golden stars and crescent moons encrusted into it that reflected the glory of the sun with brilliant expertise. But what truly left Twilight awestruck was not the architecture, but the contents. In the center, the marble circle dipped down where a dazzling fount of sapphire blue, as wondrous as the night sky on a cloudless night pooled as pillars of sapphire, hazy energy rose like the steam of a hot spring. Even from where she stood, she could clearly make out the twinkling in the pool as if someone had plucked the very stars from the sky and let them gather in the pool, allowing them to twinkle just as brightly. This was the Star Well?

The beauty of the moment was short lived as she looked higher, seeing Spike dangling above the Star Well with a dark purple aura around him, though he was unconscious. He was being held in place by magic!

“Welcome, Twilight Sparkle!” boomed a sudden voice from above. Twilight snapped her head up only to see the alter ego of the Princess of the Night standing on an elevated platform.

“Nightmare Moon!” Twilight shouted, rage seeping into her voice. “Put Spike down!”

A glint of mischief appeared in her eyes as she retorted back calmly. “As you wish.”

Suddenly, Twilight could see the purple aura that enveloped Spike evaporate, causing him to plummet silently towards the Star Well. With a gasp of horror, Twilight watched helplessly as her assistant fell. Shutting her eyes tightly, she awaited the sickening splash and the crunching of his bones in the shallow well. She wouldn’t make it in time if she had run after him but the splash never came. Opening one eye, she saw the purple aura around him again, just feet above the well this time. She let out a loud sigh of relief to see him unharmed.

“The Star Well is an interesting relic.” Nightmare Moon broke in, interrupting her joy. “And endless fount of magical power.” But suddenly, her tone became colder than Twilight had ever thought possible. “But also very deadly. If one were to fall into the Star Well, the sudden flood of magical energy, especially in one who has no magical outlet – like that of a horn that you and I posses, then all that pent up magic begins to build.” She swept her gaze from Twilight to Spike. “The magic would in turn build like weight on an egg until…well…they burst.” She ended in a matter of fact tone.

All Twilight could do was grit her teeth. How low could Nightmare Moon get? Taking a hostage was beneath even her!

“Tell me, Twilight Sparkle, what was it my dear sister ‘Tia told you? That the Star Well was being corrupted? Or was it that ancient bag of bones, Star Swirl? That I am to blame for the lack of magic in the world all of a sudden?” Nightmare Moon let out a disgusted snort upon Twilight’s lack of an answer before continuing. “How very convenient! No, Twilight Sparkle, that is all very wrong. Don’t you see? With that absence of magic, there will be more, like you who wish to find out why. Eventually, their lust for knowledge will lead them to the Isle of Augury and then the discovery of the Star Well. Isn’t that what would believe? Isn’t that what you want, Twilight Sparkle? To allow the Star Well to be known far and wide and further the study of magic?”

Twilight hesitated. It was indeed what she wanted, she loved her studies and it was true that the discovery of the Star Well would rocket magical studies forward like no point in history, surpassing even the days when Star Swirl was at his peak. But she couldn’t! She promised the princesses. She had to stop Nightmare Moon!

“Oh, come now, Twilight Sparkle. You’re silence says it all. Celestia is too accustomed to the old times as is my alter ego and Star Swirl. They have no place in this swiftly advancing world! Leave them behind, Twilight! Come and join me! Together, we will use the Star Well to further the study of magic and you can become even more powerful and wise than both the Princesses and Star Swirl combined!” Nightmare Moon boasted, her wings extending to emphasize her point. “Together, you and I shall usher in an entirely new era of magic!”

More powerful and wise than Princess Celestia? Twilight probed the thought about in her mind. She was so wise and elegant, and to surpass her teacher was more than Twilight could ever have dreamed. But…was this the right way of doing it? She couldn’t think straight, her gaze flitting from Spike to Nightmare Moon and back again. It was too much! But as she stared long and hard into the Star Well, the storm of indecision that raged in her mind seemed to part, allowing her a moment’s peace. She had come to a decision.

Twilight raised her chin proudly, staring up at the smirking alicorn. “I’ll do it.” Twilight confirmed.

Nightmare Moon let out a victorious laugh before her horn glowed with even more intensity, as Spike was hovered from over the Star Well and onto the floor where he lay almost peacefully. Suddenly, Twilight could feel a tingly sensation as the purple aura enveloped her instead and she felt her hooves leave the safety of the ground. Nightmare Moon was lifting her up the platform in which she stood.

“Welcome my apprentice. We will start by giving you a taste of the power of the Star Well!” Nightmare Moon nodded, before her horn glowed once again. Instantly, one of the pillars of sapphire haze seemed to bend and slam into Twilight chest. She could feel the magic coursing through her. It was magnificent, like nothing she could have ever dreamed! But then the magic began to hurt as she could feel pain and despair throb in her veins. Something else was there too…it was…malice! Nightmare Moon was trying to seed herself into her.

This is my only chance, while she’s distracted! Twilight’s thoughts raged. Her body acted almost mechanically before her mind had a chance to cope with her actions. Within an instance, Twilight could feel herself slamming into Nightmare Moon with violent force as the stunned mare let out a horrified gasp.
“What are you doing?! Stop this!” Nightmare Moon hollered. Within seconds her screams were lost in the winds that sailed by Twilights ears as she wrapped herself around Nightmare Moons wings so she couldn’t fly away. She was going to end this one way or another; even if she had to take both Nightmare Moon and herself out for the cause.

“This ends now, Nightmare Moon!” Twilight screamed just before they both broke the surface of the Star Well. She expected it to end all at once, with a sickening splat but the Star Well was surprisingly deeper than she expected. Twilight opened her eyes in the nigh color water and could not see the bottom when she looked down. Oddly enough, she had no trouble breathing, as if the well was supplying her with oxygen. She surged her head about, looking wildly for Nightmare Moon in the dark shimmering water and saw her several feet away. Suddenly, Nightmare moons eyes opened wide, veins of blue light creeping along the whites of her eyes until the glowing blue swallowed her eyes whole until they burned as bright as they sun. Twilight winced in the light, something was wrong. She could see bubbles escaping Nightmare Moons mouth rapidly as if she were choking. The magic must have been welling inside her. But she was an alicorn; she could handle it, right?

As if directly answering her question, the glowing intensified, spreading to her horn until it too glowed with blue light and Twilight could just see her lips mouth out: ‘Help me!’ before it became too much and her body began to crack like an eggshell where rays of light shimmered through and finally she burst in the water, leaving behind a collections of starry lights that looked no different from the ones already in the well. Then the though hit her. Was the star like things in the Star Well ponies that had once found this place and fell in?

She didn’t want to find out, but she could feel the magic beginning to build within her already. She frantically swathed about in the water until her head broke the surface of the well. Spike was already conscious.

“Twilight! What are you doing in there?” Spike asked, his eyes shifting left to right. “Where’s Nightmare Moon?”

Twilight could hardly answer, the magic building up inside her felt as if they were pressing her lung together, forcing the air out. “G-gone. S-Spike, the ma-magic! It’s too much!” Twilight managed, her hooves scraping at the marble of the well’s rim to get back on land.

“What’s wrong?” Spike begged, becoming worried. Her shuffled over to grab hold of her and pull her to safety but flinched as Twilight screamed for him to get away.

“If the w-water from the Star Well t-touches you, you’ll ove-overflow with magic!” Twilight tried to reason, her breath becoming shallow.
“There has to be something I can do!” Spike reasoned.

Just then, the water of the Star Well seemed to flash. Its murky sapphire blue color began to change! Within seconds, the color toned down to a much lighter sky blue and the stars twinkled dimmer than before, leaving trails of light strewn about the water. On cue, Star Swirl galloped into the Star Well’s chamber. Upon seeing Twilight, his eyes grew somber.

“I am so sorry, Twilight Sparkle.” Star Swirl rasped, remorse drenching his voice. “If could have stopped it, I would have…”

“But…you can help her, right?” Spike pleaded, emotion trailing into his voice as burning tears of despair clouded his eyes. “She’ll be okay, right?”
Star Swirl did not answer, resting a hoof on Spike’s shoulder to console him before looking back to Twilight. “You have done the world a service, Twilight Sparkle. With the purification of the Star Well, King Sombra will be cast from the Crystal Empire and the Empire will be purged of black magic, Chrysalis will be expelled from Canterlot with the barrier and Discord will be set in stone once again. As for Nightmare Moon...?” Star Swirl’s voice arched in question.
Twilight looked up to him before lowering her eyes again.

“I see.” Star Swirl nodded.

It was too much, the magic was building and she couldn’t take it! She felt as though she was about to burst, but then suddenly it stopped. Looking down at her hooves, she prayed that the magic had not overwhelmed her but then her chest tightened as she saw wisps of starlight emanate from her hooves, wearing them down until nothing but light remained. The sides of her vision began to illuminate as she could feel the magic taking hold of her mind and filling it with whispers of past, present and future. This was the end.

“Twilight!” she could just make out the mourning screech of Spike’s voice, seeing the warm tears well in his eyes, allowing them to glisten and reflect the light that slowly swallowed up her sight. Then she was blinded. She felt nothing. She smelled nothing, and heard only the whispers. The whispers of the Star Well.

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~Authors note~


Hello everyone! I'm Sexy Frog, aspiring writer and all the jazz. I want to start this off by saying that all constructive criticism is encouraged as it will help me make my future writing better! This is also my first one shotter, so I hope is goes well. Okay, where to begin? Well, I got the idea for this off watching a fairly new show that I'm sure some of you know. It's called 'Revolution'. It's basically how humanity coupes after the manipulation of electrical fields is rendered impossible. So then I thought on it for a while and figured, well in MLP they don't exactly depend on electricity all that much so what could it be replaced with? Inevitably, I came up with the usage of magic. In the show, magic is a fundamental element of the show as it's even in the title. So it only made sense that since Equestria and the Crystal Empire alike are both run by magic, magic should be the first thing to go.

I will say that this does deviate from the actual plot of Revolution drastically as it doesn't revolve around 'how ponies coupe with no magic' but rather, focuses on why the magic has gone and what Twilight goes through to get it back. I'm trying really hard here to detail this crap without giving away spoilers, if I have I'm horribly sorry. Anyways, I really hope you all enjoy and please tell me what you think. :ajsmug:

~ Sexy Frog

intriguing idea. :rainbowderp:

Saving it for later and I'll get back to ya!


All I can say:

DAT NAME :rainbowkiss:


I've been seeing you comment on a lot of stories. Your comments are funny. xD

Other than just some nit-picky grammar and a few verb tenses that i had to reread it was a great piece.

A few parts seemed a little rushed here and there but the details were excellent.

Heres an upvote :moustache:


It was really good but has the Twilight dies ending that I dislike. If you could have made the magic cause Twilight go crazy with power blah blah blah becomes the villain blah blah blah fights Celestia. Anything but her dying right afterwards. (It's just so anticlimactic)
I'm not saying your story is bad, it's just that I want more of it.

there are a few spelling errors still in here, other than that i have no problem with it save the ending, but you as the writer do not care about which pony i love the most. Almost screamed 'Noooooo!' even. Just a few questions on the logic behind the well. As nightmare stated, couldn't she and twilight just purge the magic by using tremendous spell, or just using their raw magic to blast at the wall or some such? As stated earlier, Celestia and Luna both used the well to recharge their batteries and even advance their abilities. Could you not have turned twilight into an alicorn? There is also the matter of Nightmare Moon atomizing in the well, could her malice not just infect every aspect of the well, thus corrupting the world entirely?

Look forward to the discussion


You tempt me to write an alternate ending. I didn't think of it being anti-climatic, but I'm glad you told me so. :derpyderp1:


Again, you also tempt me to write an alternate ending. But as per the logic part, the raw magic was a bit more destructive and like Nightmare said, the raw power is very dangerous, especially to those who do not have magical outlets. It's dangerous to those who do have horns as well but even more to those who do not. Yes, it was explained that Celestia and Luna used the well to gain a boost in their power but it never said that they fell in the Well, absorbing as much as Twilight and Nightmare did for so long. Just before they fell in, Nightmare channeled one of the rising columns of magical misty stuff into her. Based of this, it's logical to assume Celestia and Luna did the same, especially since Nightmare is Luna's alter ego and knows about everything she does. For your last point, I didn't exactly think of it that way, but I figured that she was converted to magical energy. I assume this would just neutralize any malice.

Your move. :raritywink:

Speaking of magical overload.
(SPOILER) Transformers Animated (Do I even need to say that?)
Sari the robot girl gets "upgraded" with the Matrix of Leadership/Allspark and is so overcharged that she loses control of her body and starts decimating the city and almost kills her friend.
That is the ending style that I was expecting. I wanted to see a fight similar to that.
(Beggars can't be choosers so write what YOU want to it's YOUR fic)
I'm just so confusing with my "yes change it" and "no keep it the same"
Maybe I'm using reverse psycology on you?:trollestia:


Well since nightmare herself is actually a magical creature (not like an alicorn mind you but more born of tainted magic inside Princess Luna) I assume that even her magic is infused with malice, despair and whatnot. Mind you, this is also just speculation. I assume you mean to bend the pipes like....turn them into a drinking fountain and i agree with you on this, but also, Twilight does have a way to output all that magic, as did Nightmare Moon. I can only assume that they were in the water for about what seemed to be 35 seconds, and for a well that gives magic to the world, i can pretty much agree with the whole brimming with magic till 'poof'. It remains an argument though that Twilight, being the element of magic that she is, and taking from season two (i think, having trouble remembering) when it flashes back to how Twilight when out of control with raw magic, her magic could have caused an intense magical transformation, turning her into an alicorn.

You'll probably be seeing me more too. except you're probably going to say what most people did when I was in school.
"SHUT UP Nobody even cares":facehoof:
If there was poll I would have made the top 5 Most annoying Students list. (and been proud of it):yay:


She does have a way to output the excess magic, true, but think of it more like a machine. I'm speculating she is set to handle a certain amount of magic. If you channel too much electricity into a machine, it tends to short circuit. Same with this scenario. Yes in that episode talking about her controlling her magic does depict her having an unusual amount of magic compared to most, but again, it's how much she is naturally fitted to whereas the Star Well pumps her with more than that amount. So in that '35 second' period, they are getting enough magic pumped into them to fuel the world's magical necessities for 35 seconds. That's pretty hefty.
Yes, she's a magical creature, though normally bound to Luna and coming out as an alter ego. During the seal, Nightmare was completely separated from Luna thus making her a totally different entity and I'd say warranting her to be an alicorn. But yes, I suppose some malice/despair/evil would still remain now matter how you put it.


Ah, ok i see what you did there. very good story none the less, i don't think you she re-write it, but you could (if it tickles you) use this as an opportunity to do some crazy crap with twi.Such as, maybe taking this to a different dimension, where she is gifted with divinity, there is the sun, the moon, but then there are the stars....think about possibilities between this story and the next, that is, if you intend to extend off this one

Well, that was interesting. There's only one thing bothering me: how did the plants get fresh water under the ocean? Must be a side effect of the Star Well.

On the topic of alternate endings, here's a fun one. Instead of watching her get converted into energy, Star Swirl touches his horn to Twilight's, absorbing the excess magic and saving her. Then he starts to fade, entrusting Twilight to be the island's new protector in his place. That way, everybody lives, except for Nightmare Moon and Star Swirl, but they were already dead. Although, Twilight would still be considered dead by the rest of the world, so it's still a bittersweet ending.

Would be a nice reference to the Ninth Doctor, though.

Finally taking stories off of read later after months of having em on there. I liked the story for the most part, it was an interesting premise and it was executed well for the most part. My major beef with it is that it was EXTREMELY rushed near the end, when you could have easily drawn out what happened afterwards, were the villians really stopped, how are Twilight's friends doing, whats going to happen to Spike, etc. Also kind of annoyed that a glaring plot hole at the end would be that Twilight could potentially teleport out and try to output magic to save herself, rather then just letting herself go. I know you've already got arguements for and against this, but if the well was purified by then she could have at least TRIED to save herself at that point, whether or not she would have succeeded. Overall, other then the end, I found it to be pretty good in the pacing and plot, and an interesting story.

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