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I am Avery Quillfeather, I hope to write what people enjoy reading.

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Andrezei Kaifka. High-ranking Human Liberation Front member and Impovised Explosive Device expert has worked for the HLF for five years, since the Walls came up, each year adding to his mental strain and stress causing his mind to generate an imaginary double that pesters and peeves him not with insanity, but with logic and emotion. Andrezei goes about his daily life manufacturing pipe-bombs and flash powder for his area's HLF Head, until his own Walls and prejudices come crashing down around him.


Tags are likely to be changed as the story progresses, also characters will be added when they play a major role.

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Cyrus, a young man, living on the western seaboard of the united states is one day handed a vial of liquid of unknown effect and origin by a drug-dealer snooping about his neighborhood. He learns to live with hooves, a tail, a mane, and as a MARE. He deals with the social stigma of being a pony pre-conversion bureau opening and lives with the fact a decent majority of his neighbors are HLF members.

Chapters (2)