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Avery Quillfeather

I am Avery Quillfeather, I hope to write what people enjoy reading.


SO, working on Stories. · 6:31am Mar 15th, 2012

TCB: Simple Mistake, as posted on Ponychan is now in the works for being posted here...

I really hope that it gets some decent views on it, I am currently working on chapter 2 of indefinitely many of Simple Mistake, the story that has yet to actually be posted here...sorry.

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TCB, and My current projects. · 7:45am Mar 12th, 2012

I am Avery, I have written several stories, and deleted them. They appeared on the site and gained little to no attention. SO

I am currently working on not one, or two stories, but THREE, Three stories all set with in The Conversion Bureau universe....sort of.

One story is a blatantly obvious r63 self-insert and I am currently ground to a halt on that one.

the other is a story about a Quirky, crazy IED expert of the HLF and how he leaves to find his wife and daughter.

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