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The ponies of Equus have been Exploring their own planet and the planets around it for quite some time now, they have launched probes, rockets, ponied(manned) spaceships, and even whole space stations up into the orbit of Equus and beyond... they have seen many things in space and have had many a mission.

Yes, Equus has seen many things... but what happens when someone sees them...?

Earth, the once prosperous home of humanity and many other species, now a desolate wasteland with debris covering it's surface and even floating around it's atmosphere. Humanity has one chance of survival, the Arch 1, the last reaming interstellar ship of the once mighty human space-fleet.

Yes, all is lost for humanity... or is it?

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Spore is a game where people create their own race of creatures and modify the game to fit their liking. Most of these creations are weird and bizarre, as they come form the imagination, but did you ever think... how would they see us if they were able to meet us? Or maybe they would react better to a group of technicoloured ponies?

When Princess Twilight finds research suggesting that they aren't alone in the universe she decides to continue working on the project, but she doesn't do it alone. With the help of her friends and a mysterious visitor, will she find the answers she wants? Or will Equus get conquered for all it's resources? Read to find out

I made this to hopefully redeem myself from the other story I made... That was a horrible project.

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