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Hello, I need time · 3:03am Mar 21st, 2015

I haven't been active recently but there is good reason... the fourth quarter has been pressing me hard and I need to give my all for this final stretch of school... but upon the end of my exams I will release the new chapters of both of my stories... hopefully they're better, also can I please have suggestions on how to write better?

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Sorry · 9:40am Aug 2nd, 2014

It appears that even with so much time on my hands I cannot seem to come up with any new Ideas for my spore fic or my Extraequstrial one, writers block I guess. So I probably won't be posting new chapters on those fics for a while... I probably might do a one-shot or something... just to get back into the mood of writing... or maybe get new ideas flowing. I truly am sorry for this and I admit that it would have been a good idea to have some chapters lined up but alas I did not have time then.

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Vote · 7:36pm Jul 25th, 2014

Umm... guys... I need your help... I have recently written a new fic and I can't decide which one to keep on writing for... I wanted to know what you think...

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Hi guys · 2:42am Jul 6th, 2014

Ok so I'm kinda new to Fim. and I have just recently released my second story(first successful one) so I have a question, and I will be open to whoever answers this.

I would like to put Are We Alone on hold for now and only release updates ever 2 weeks or so, this is because I would like to peruse a new genre, namely Alternate Universe.

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