• Published 17th Apr 2013
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Dear Spike! - Closer-To-The-Sun

Twilight Sparkle and the girls all write letters to Spike, expressing their thanks to the dragon

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Applejack's letter

Dear Spike,

Howdy there, partner. It’s Applejack. I know this might sound odd coming from a pony like me. In fact, it might just be coming out wrong entirely, but I wanna say thank ya.

I’m not one for writing letters or anything like that, especially in appreciation to somepony….well, dragon. Either way, I’ll make this short. I wanted to say thanks. Ya do a lot for all of us. Obviously, ya do a lot for Twi, ya are her assistant of course. But ya go out of your way for many others. I even remembered when ya offered to help me with every little thing cause ya thought I saved your life.

To me, in that small body of yours, ya got yourself a big heart. And that’s why I think we all love ya, sugarcube.

Thank ya,

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