• Published 17th Apr 2013
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Dear Spike! - Closer-To-The-Sun

Twilight Sparkle and the girls all write letters to Spike, expressing their thanks to the dragon

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Pinkie Pie's letter

Dear Spike,

Hello, Spikey! It’s me, Pinkie Pie! Guess what? I’m writing you a letter! But it’s not just any letter! Wanna know why I’m writing this letter? Huh? Do ya? Well, read on and find out!

Well, all of us had this really crazy idea. You see, we all had thought of you earlier today when we were all talking and having snacks at Sugarcube Corner. And amongst the cupcakes and the chuckles, we got this idea of sending you letters! But not just normal letters! Oh, no! These letters are special! They’re special because we wanted to write them to you to say thanks! Wanna know why we want to say thanks? Because you are such a hardworking, little dragon! We never get to say thank you enough to you and your purple and green self!

Just think about all the stuffs you’ve done for us! You always are working hard for Twilight, you run errands for any and everypony, and how could anypony forget when you helped save the Crystal Empire? That was, like, super duper important!

So, yeah, thanks for everything Spikey! And expect more letters from the rest of the gals! We all plan to write you!

Pinkamina Diane “Pinkie” Pie

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