• Published 17th Apr 2013
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Dear Spike! - Closer-To-The-Sun

Twilight Sparkle and the girls all write letters to Spike, expressing their thanks to the dragon

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Rainbow Dash's letter

Dear Spike,

Hey, squirt, it’s Rainbow Dash. This ain’t me, but I wanted to write ya and just say thanks. You are quite a brave little dragon. I mean, remember back when Discord was messing up the entire town and all that stuff was going down? Well, I heard about what ya did for everypony, trying to fill in for me when I….kinda left everypony hanging. It took guts to do that, and I think you got quite a lot.

Also, sorry about leaving you all like that. But what ya did was really cool, Spike, and I honestly think you are one of the more awesome creatures I’ve ever met. So, yeah, thanks, dude.

Don’t stop being awesome,
Rainbow Dash

P.S. You might want to hang on to this letter since it’s got my autograph. Ya know, when I get famous and all.

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