• Published 17th Apr 2013
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Dear Spike! - Closer-To-The-Sun

Twilight Sparkle and the girls all write letters to Spike, expressing their thanks to the dragon

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Fluttershy's letter

Dear Spike,

Hello, it’s Fluttershy. I….um….not sure what to write here, but Twilight Sparkle and the rest of us are writing you letters to show you our appreciation to you. It might seem odd, but we really do love and care about all you do for us, both the little things and the big.

Such as when you babysat for all of our pets while we went to the Crystal Empire. You were so thoughtful to watch over all of them. And you even invited the Cutie Mark Crusaders to watch over them with you. It was really nice of you to do that. While the rest of us went to have our own important adventure, you were willing to stay home and have a nice and quiet time at home. To be honest, I wouldn’t have mind such a time at home everyday, but I know you are the kind of dragon that loves adventure and that sort of thing.

To sum up this letter, I want to just say thank you so very much for being a wonderful dragon. Twilight is certainly lucky to have such a great assistant like you. You are such a kind-hearted little dragon, and that is coming from the element of kindness. But joking aside, thank you Spike.

All the best,

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