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Inner Demons: 10 Years - Azure Sandora

Apple Bloom will wait an eternity if she has to... to be with the stallion she loves...

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Fifth Year

Scare in Canterlot: 6 years remaining

Good news, the Apple siblings were a team again. Applejack and Macintosh finally settled their differences over Granny Smith (Fluttershy locked both of them in a room and forced them to talk) and now they were working together to get the soil back in condition to grow apples. With the help of Fluttershy's animals the work went by quickly, and in a matter of months they had apples of high quality again.

Apple Bloom and her friends all helped in selling the apples. Silver Spoon came up with a great campaign to advertise Sweet Apple Acres, which actually involved going to Canterlot. It took some convincing, but when Fluttershy offered to go with them (of course bringing Daisy with her) Applejack okayed the trip.

Once in Canterlot, the real work began. Sweetie Belle threw a concert to raise awareness for the farm, which was a big hit (and it looked like she had a serious blast on stage). Scootaloo raced around Canterlot putting up fliers advertising Sweet Apple Acres' grand reopening. While Diamond Tiara mostly handled the funding (she did not tell her parents about this, because her mother would have said no) she mostly stayed with Apple Bloom, who was selling apples with Fluttershy.

"Are ya sure ya don't wanna explore Canterlot?" Apple Bloom asked Diamond Tiara, "It's been a while since we were here."

"Why? Are you trying to get rid of me?" Diamond Tiara asked darkly.

Apple Bloom sighed, "Ah'm jus saying ya look real bored is all."

Diamond Tiara sat down and looked away seriously. Her mood had gotten increasingly worse over the years, and she now literally seemed angry all the time. Apple Bloom walked over to her friend and nuzzled her.

"Diamond, Ah'm yer best friend, ya know that, right?"

"Yeah... I know."

"So, if there's anything ya wanna tell me, ya know that ya can. Ah'll never judge ya."

Diamond Tiara closed her eyes and nodded. It seemed like she still wouldn't tell her what was wrong. Fluttershy, who had a small yellow filly with a purple mane sitting in her saddle bag, walked over to them. Surprisingly, she looked about the same except for a slghtly thicker build.

"Why don't you two go for a walk around Canterlot?" Fluttershy said (she now spoke with much more confidence), "I can take care of the stand."

"Are ya sure?" Apple Bloom asked, "Ah mean, ya got Daisy ta watch an' all."

"I can handle it. I have to take care of Daisy and a whole farm of animals on a regular basis. I'll be fine," Fluttershy said now nudging Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara to their feet, "Go on. I've got this."

"Thanks Fluttershy," Apple Bloom said smiling. Once she got married to Macintosh, Fluttershy insisted on Apple Bloom not calling her "Miss" anymore since they were sisters. Apple Bloom helped Diamond Tiara up and the two of them walked off to explore Canterlot.

After exploring the town for a while they went to the fountain in the town square. It felt strange knowing that in six years she would be meeting him here. Just thinking about seeing him again made Apple Bloom's heart race.

"Soon Lezard," she said to herself, "We'll be together soon."

"It feels more real, right?" Diamond Tiara asked walking up next to Apple Bloom, "Now that you know where you'll be meeting him, you can picture yourself here."

"Ya really think that'll help me?" Apple Bloom asked.

"I read about it in a book. They call it the Law of Attraction. If you want something, you have to truly believe that you'll get it. When you tell yourself that it's yours, then it comes. That works for wealth, love, events, even for helping people."

Apple Bloom turned to Diamond Tiara with a raised eyebrow, "Ya don't really believe in that stuff, do ya?" Diamond Tiara laughed, a surprisingly pleasant sound that Apple Bloom wished she could hear more.

"I'm serious, it works. Look at Sweetie Belle. She believed that she was beautiful, even when she was a kid. Now she's fifteen and already sexier than some adults."

"But Ah knew she wus gonna be sexy before she actually blossomed. Remember how me, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle became adults?"

"But you didn't know she would blossom so early, did you?"

Apple Bloom wanted to refute it, but she couldn't. She didn't even remember how it happened, but one day she was just... beautiful. It came together so well that she didn't even notice when she went from "cute" to "grown and sexy".

"Whatever you want in life, all you have to do is own it now," Diamond Tiara continued, "If you want wealth, believe you have money. If you want your sister to smile again, see her smiling now. If you want Sweet Apple Acres back in it's prime, imagine it in it's prime and know that it's real, and if you want that stallion in your life, then put him in your life."

"Huh, Ah never thought it wus that easy," Apple Bloom said looking down, "Ah'm curious. Whut do you want?"

Diamond Tiara was silent for a few seconds. She closed her eyes and smiled, but Apple Bloom felt that her smile was somewhat saddened for some reason, "I already have her. She's with me all the time, and I know that I can depend on her."

That hit Apple Bloom in a funny place in her heart. She knew exactly who she was talking about, but it felt weird somehow. What was Diamond Tiara running away from? Why did Diamond Tiara depend on her so much?

What was Apple Bloom protecting her from?

"Diamond Tiara..."

"I'm going to head back to the hotel," Diamond Tiara said, "I'll see you there, okay?"

"Y-yeah, I'll see ya there," Apple Bloom said with a smile. Diamond Tiara began trotting away, and Apple Bloom turned back to the fountain. She wondered where Lezard was now? Was he somewhere in Canterlot frozen in time, waiting for six years until he could be with her? Did he learn time travel along with Luna, and therefore already in a time period where they were together? Was he still working on it, and therefore still aging along with Apple Bloom? No, she needed to have faith. If what Diamond Tiara said was true, then she needed to-

Apple Bloom was thrown out of her train of thought by a loud scream. It sounded like Diamond Tiara!

"Ah shouldn't have left her alone!" Apple Bloom said, not even knowing why. She ran back to the hotel, hoping to run into Diamond Tiara along the way, but instead saw Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo running to the hotel as well (Sweetie Belle wearing a red version of her black dress from Inner Demons).

"Apple Bloom!" Sweetie Belle called out, "Was that Diamond Tiara?"

"Ah think so! Ya'll didn't see her?"

"We thought she was with you!" Scootaloo exclaimed. Fluttershy and Silver Spoon ran out of the hotel with worried expressions (Silver Spoon had Daisy at her side).

"I heard a scream," Fluttershy said seriously.

"Where's Diamond Tiara?" Silver Spoon asked.

"We don't know," Scootaloo said, "But we think that she was the one who screamed."

"She wus with me, but she said she wus on her way to the hotel," Apple Bloom said, "Ah'm gettin worried."

Fluttershy looked down for a second thinking, "Okay, Silver Spoon, I need you to watch Daisy for me. Everyone else, we need to split up and search all of Canterlot. Scootaloo, you and I will take the skies and search around the town."

"Got it," Scootaloo said with a nod.

"Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, you two start heading to the castle and begin searching around there," she reached into her saddle bag and gave them a badge, "Show the guards this if you need to, and you'll be able to get into the castle grounds."

Sweetie Belle grabbed the badge with her magic and looked at it, "Why would we need to search the castle? I doubt she'd be there."

"Believe me, Sweetie Belle, strange things can happen in Canterlot, and they usually are centered at the castle," she turned to Scootaloo, "Let's go."

"Hope you can keep up," Scootaloo taunted. Fluttershy smirked a bit as the two pegasi ran off and took to the skies.

"Guys, I have a bad feeling about this," Silver Spoon said, "Please be careful."

"We will," Apple Bloom assured as Sweetie Belle used her magic to pin the badge onto her dress. As they galloped to the castle, even Apple Bloom felt like something was off. After all, Silver Spoon was right 99.98% of the time.

With the badge they were able to confirm that they were friends of the Elements of Harmony, so they were able to explore the courtyard. Unfortunately they weren't able to find any sign of Diamond Tiara. It was almost dark, so if they were going to find her they needed to find her soon. They met at the entrance to the hedge maze.

"I didn't see her in the front garden," Sweetie Belle said.

"She wusn't in the castle grounds either," Apple Bloom said.

"Is everything alright?" they heard Twilight ask as she walked over to them.

"Twilight? Whut 're ya doin here?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Celestia wanted to see me about some official business," Twilight explained, "But why are you two running around the castle?"

"Diamond Tiara is missing," Sweetie Belle said, "Fluttershy told us to check the castle but we didn't find her?"

"Fluttershy, did you..." Twilight said silently to herself. Apple Bloom's heart was racing for some reason looking at Twilight. It was like she knew something. Come to think of it, Fluttershy had a similar expression on her face.

"Twilight? Whut's goin-"

"Follow me. I might know where she is," Twilight said galloping into the hedge maze. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle looked at each other for a second before galloping after Twilight. She seemed to be following a known path, as she didn't stop to look around or anything. After a minute of running, they found a circular clearing with a stone plate in the center.

Lying down on the plate trembling, was Diamond Tiara.

"Diamond Tiara!" Apple Bloom called out running over to her. She was sobbing silently, and she made no sign of knowing that she even knew they were there, "It alright Diamond, Ah'm here now."

Hearing her voice seemed to pull Diamond Tiara out of whatever trance she was in, because she slowly opened her eyes and looked at Apple Bloom fearfully.

"A-Apple Bloom..." she sobbed. Apple Bloom looked up at Twilight, noting the serious yet sad expression on her face. For some reason, she did not like that.

Diamond Tiara was brought back to the hotel and was now sleeping peacefully, Silver Spoon, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom all standing over her as if protecting her.

"There's something wrong," Scootaloo said, "I always had a feeling that there was something she wasn't telling us. This whole thing confirmed it."

"Did Fluttershy say anything to you about the search?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Well, I asked her if she really thought Diamond Tiara was in town, and why you guys were checking the castle, but she only told me that our search was important for other reasons. When I think about it, She might have known Diamond Tiara was in the castle, but she wanted to make sure that she wasn't in the town."

"Basically confirmin whut she suspected?" Apple Bloom asked. Scootaloo nodded as a response.

"I wish she'd talk to us," Sweetie Belle said, "How can we protect her if she doesn't tell us anything?"

"We just gotta be there fer her," Apple Bloom stated, "She's our friend, and even if we gotta protect her from herself, we gotta protect her."

Everyone nodded, and Apple Bloom walked out of the hotel to get some fresh air. When she got outside though, she saw Twilight and Fluttershy in the distance. It looked like they were having a heated conversation. Apple Bloom got really close to hear what they were talking about.

"I can't believe you of all ponies would even suggest that!" Fluttershy fussed.

"I don't like it either Fluttershy, but with what Celestia told me and this latest development, I'm beginning to wonder if she is the one. If she is..."

"No Twilight, I don't accept that!"


"You're talking about ruining the life of a young mare over something she doesn't even have control over! If she is the pony born on that day then it's not because she wants to be! I don't care if Princess Celestia said it, I'm not allowing you to lock her up!"

Whoa! Lock her up? It was obvious they were talking about Diamond Tiara, but what was this whole thing about locking her up?

Twilight sighed, "What do you suggest we do then? Let's suppose six years from now she does turn out to be that pony? We can't let her just do as she pleases."

"Can't we just steer her away from-"

Twilight laughed, "Yeah, because you can escape destiny. Let's completely overlook four years ago, because I did such a nice job running away from my destiny. As a princess, I have to do what's right for Equestria. I'll do whatever I can to help her, but if I can't..."

Fluttershy took a deep breath before she spoke again, "I... understand. Please Twilight, try to help that filly."

A second later Twilight walked off, and then took to the skies flying away. Apple Bloom took a peak out from where she was hiding and saw Fluttershy sit down and run her front hooves in her mane anxiously. This was serious, but apparently they wouldn't know anything for another six years.

The same amout of time she had until she would see Lezard again. Now what was she going to do? She had to see Lezard again, but if what she just heard was confirmation, Diamond Tiara was...

Everyone agreed that what happened to Diamond Tiara that day would be their secret. Whether or not Fluttershy told Applejack about it no one knew. Diamond Tiara practically beg Fluttershy not to tell her parents though, because she was afraid her mother wouldn't let her be with Apple Bloom anymore (she actually did single her out like that). Fluttershy promised not to tell, and as far as they know, she kept that promise.

Diamond Tiara was in school with them the next day. There was a minor change in her though. She didn't tell anypony what happened, but she had become even more clingy to Apple Bloom.