• Published 4th Apr 2013
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Inner Demons: 10 Years - Azure Sandora

Apple Bloom will wait an eternity if she has to... to be with the stallion she loves...

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Third Year

Death in the Family: 8 years remaining

It's funny, she never thought that this day would come. Apple Bloom knew that she was old, yet it never clicked that her time was coming to an end. She was invincible. Sure she was eccentric, but she was impossible not to love. She wasn't supposed to die.

Yet here Apple Bloom was with her friends, all looking at a tombstone with the name "Scarlet Gala, aka Granny Smith" on the front.

"Was she sick or anything?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Ah don't know," Apple Bloom said, "If she wus she never said nothin."

"She was so full of life," Scootaloo said, "I remember how she would always come to Family Appreciation day. She always had funny stories to tell."

"It feels sort of strange, thinking of her not being there," Sweetie Belle said. Apple Bloom felt touched knowing that her friends sympathized with her. She really had some amazing friends.

"What are you going to do about the farm?" Diamond Tiara asked softly looking down at the tombstone.

"Celestia, you're right," Sweetie Belle said, "I didn't even think of that."

"Do you and Applejack have a plan?" Scootaloo asked. Apple Bloom wished that she had an answer for them, but all she could do was look down. Between Macintosh living with Fluttershy and now this, there wasn't much they could do.

"Guys, think Ah could have sum time ta myself?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Sure thing," Sweetie Belle said. She looked at Scootaloo and Silver Spoon, and they began walking off. Strangely Diamond Tiara remained for a long time, still looking at the grave with a strange expression.

"Diamond Tiara, let's go," Silver Spoon called out. It looked like Diamond Tiara was pulled out of some sort of trance, and a second later she trotted off. Once she was alone Apple Bloom tried to feel out her emotions. Apparently it hadn't hit her yet, because she still felt empty inside. This wasn't the first time she experienced a death. As horrible as it was, she killed somepony once. This was, however, the first time she experienced the death of a loved one.

She woke up the next morning expecting to see Granny Smith in the living room, but she was then reminded that she was gone. That would take some serious getting used to. She walked into the kitchen and started getting to work on breakfast. Somepony needed to get it started, and Applejack hadn't gotten up yet.

Speaking of which, she hadn't seen Applejack since Granny Smith's funeral. She was really angry at Macintosh, calling him insensitive for not staying over, but apparently Fluttershy wasn't feeling well. He couldn't leave her. Normally Applejack would have been the first one awake, but Apple Bloom felt that she needed to sleep in.

It was just the two of them now. Apple Bloom needed to step up.

A few minutes later, Applejack slowly walked into the kitchen. She looked like she had been crying. Poor thing.

"Mornin, sis," Apple Bloom said. Applejack nodded slightly and sat down at the table. "Ah hope mah eggs 're good. Ah've never cooked anythin fer another pony, but Ah felt like ya needed sum time, ya know?" Apple Bloom stood up on her hind legs and slowly walked over to the table carrying two plates of food (she had gotten really good at it).

They ate in silence. Normally Applejack was a bit of a chatterbox in the morning, so to see her like this was heartwrenching.

"Ah wus thinkin, maybe Ah should take a few days off from school. Ya know, so Ah can help around the farm. Ah'm thirteen now, so Ah can actually kick the apples off the trees," Applejack was silent, so Apple Bloom continued, "Um, Ah can have Cherrilee send me mah assignments, that way I don't get held back from graduating at the end of the year. So, ya ain't gotta-"


She said it so softly, but Apple Bloom thought she heard Applejack speak, "Um, whut did ya say?"

"Ah said it's fine... if ya want ta help out... Ah'm fine with it..."

"Applejack..." Apple Bloom couldn't believe it. She was ready to argue all morning about it.

"Yer a big filly now, Apple Bloom," Applejack said softly, "Yer almost as tall as me... an' jus' as strong... If yer sure... about... stayin ta help..." she began shaking, and her voice was cracking, "Cause Ah don't... know... if Ah can..."

"Oh, Applejack," Apple Bloom walked over to her sister and held her as she cried.

"Ma and Pa 're gone... Macintosh is... takin care of... Fluttershy... an' now Granny Smith is..." she couldn't even finish her sentence. Any words left were replaced with heavy sobs.

"It's okay Applejack... Ah'm still here..." Apple Bloom tightened her embrace and shed a few tears of her own, "Ah ain't goin anywhere..."

After a few hours, Applejack's friends (minus Fluttershy) came to visit. This gave Apple Bloom a break so she decided to sit on the porch and relax. She still thought about Lezard, but right now she almost felt guilty about it. Her sister would need her. She couldn't go out to Canterlot and leave her alone.

"Whut am Ah gonna do?" Apple Bloom asked sadly, "Granny Smith, whut would you do?"

"How are you holding up?" Apple Bloom heard behind her. She turned around slightly and saw Twilight stepping out of the house.

"Ah don't know. Confused, Ah guess," Apple Bloom admitted, "An' a little guilty."

"Guilty? Why?" Twilight asked.

"Cause Ah haven't cried 'bout it yet, an' sum sick part of me is still wantin ta move ta Canterlot in eight years."

"That's still a long while from now," Twilight said sitting down next to Apple Bloom, "There's plenty of time for Applejack to recover. Besides, she has us. We'll help as much as we can. You're family isn't alone. As for you not crying yet, everypony handles grief differently. That doesn't make you a bad pony. I think it's good that you're so strong about it."

"Ya think so?"

Twilight nodded, "Applejack's going to need a rock for a while, and who better than her younger sister."

Apple Bloom nodded, "Um, Twilight? Does it still hurt? Ya know, whut happened ta..."

Twilight looked down seriously, "That's a death I'll never get over. I just hope that I see her again one day in the next life."

That's right. Now that Twilight was an Alicorn, she was immortal. She would have to watch all of her friends grow old and die without her. That's gotta be rough.

"Twilight, when Ah almost died that day, Ah saw her. She seemed... happy. She really loved ya, Twilight."

Twilight closed her eyes and smiled, "I know she did. Perhaps if I hadn't been tainted by my own darkness at the time, I might have been able to express my love for her in the same manner. I sometimes wonder if she would have been that devoted to me if I were still..."

"Honestly, Ah don't think it mattered much ta her," Apple Bloom said, "Ah reckon she'd have followed ya all the way ta Tartarus."

Twilight gave a small sigh, and she and Apple Bloom sat there in silence for a few minutes. This was the first time they had really spoken since two years ago. It was nice to be able to share her pain with somepony who also felt serious loss.

She invited her friends over the next day to help around the farm. With their help, they were able to get a lot of work done. Even Diamond Tiara helped, but she mainly supervised the work. They were sitting on the porch relaxing when Silver Spoon looked at Apple Bloom.

"Apple Bloom, are those tears?" Silver Spoon asked.

"Huh?" Apple Bloom asked, "Whut 're ya talkin about?"

"Those are," Sweetie Belle said, "Apple Bloom, you're crying."

"Ah am?" Apple Bloom asked. She put a hoof to her eyes, and sure enough felt them.


"Wow... would ya look... at that..." she said, slowly beginning to sob. All of a sudden, it hit her hard. Granny Smith was dead. She couldn't hold in her emotions anymore, and before she knew it, she broke down.

Diamond Tiara trotted over to her and held her, "It's okay Apple Bloom," Diamond Tiara said, "We're here."

With all of her friends huddled up next to her, she was finally able to release her emotions. It felt nice to have such wonderful friends. Perhaps this was how Applejack felt having her friends by her side.