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Inner Demons: 10 Years - Azure Sandora

Apple Bloom will wait an eternity if she has to... to be with the stallion she loves...

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Fourth Year

Added some stuff to Diamond Tiara as a teenager, making her seem darker.

Ponyville High: 7 years remaining

High school was a lot different than middle school. To Apple Bloom, it was a weird period where foals were trying to be grown ups but still be kids at the same time. She had been in school for at least six months and already she was liking it more. She didn't feel so much like she was being talked down by her teachers all the time. Thankfully, her friends all ended up in the same high school as her. She still needed the support of her friends.

She was in her room looking at the calendar, which she rigged to mark off the remaining years until she and Lezard could be together. For a while she didn't think about him too much because of the death of Granny Smith, but after getting a surprise present from him on her birthday her thoughts went right back to him. She opened her dresser and looked at the mysterious clock he gave her. It had an engraving on the back, which gave her so much hope for the future:

Still thinking of you, always.
Can't wait to be with you again.

She sighed, thinking of her special stallion. It must have been weird to some ponies, seeing a filly be in love with some pony for three years, but she didn't care. He was all that she wanted, and even though the wait was killing her, she promised herself that she would wait for him and only him.

After putting the clock back in her dresser, she put on her cowgirl hat (replaced the bow, which she now tied onto her tail) and began walking downstairs. Once at the bottom of the stairs she saw Applejack looking out the window with a serious expression.

Apple Bloom sighed and walked over to Applejack.

"Ah'm headin out ta school," Apple Bloom said. Applejack didn't even turn to her. She just nodded.

"Ah've got things taken care of here," Applejack said seriously, "If ya wanna hang out with yer friends after school, Macintosh and Fluttershy 're supposed ta be comin by."

"Ahh, Ah see. Ah'm assumin they'll be bringin Daisy with em?"

"More then likely."

They were silent for a few awkward seconds.

"If Ah don't git back before they leave, could ya tell 'em Ah said hi?" Apple Bloom asked.

"Yeah, Ah'll tell 'em. Git goin or you'll be late, alright?" Applejack said, leaving it at that.

Apple Bloom sighed and began heading to the door. She grabbed her saddle bag by the door, but stopped short, "Ah love ya, sis," Apple Bloom said. She waited a few seconds to see if Applejack would say anything in response, but was met with more silence. She sighed and walked out the door.

As she walked to school, she heard something riding up to her at high speed. She smiled and turned around to see Scootaloo riding up to her on her magical motorcycle.

"Hey Apple Bloom," Scootaloo said with a confident smile. Teenage years had made Scootaloo a lot stronger physically, and now she could fly just as well as Rainbow Dash. She prefered her bike though, as she had become a bit of a thrill seeker.

"Heya Scootaloo," Apple Bloom said, trying to sound happier than she really was, but Scootaloo was real good at reading emotions.

"Uh oh, I know that look," Scootaloo said now losing her smile, "Hop on. We can talk on the way if ya want."

"Ah'd... like that," Apple Bloom said getting on the back of the bike. Once she held onto Scootaloo tightly, the bike began moving at a nice even pace forward.

"So, any change?" Scootaloo asked.

"She's jus' as somber as ever, an' jus' as irritable."

"Sheesh, I know she's still grieving, but a whole year? Dash and Pinkie are getting worried about her."

"Honestly, Ah'm worried about her. Ah don't know whut ta do though. If Ah say the wrong thing she flips out."

"Is there a right thing?"

"Sadly, Ah don't know..."

Scootaloo thought for a few seconds, "She must have been really close to Granny Smith."

"Honestly, Ah don't think that's jus' it," Apple Bloom stated, "Ah think she's tired of losin ponies. Ma died givin birth ta me, Pa left fer who knows where, Big Macintosh moved out, Granny Smith is dead now, an' she's still afraid that Ah'm gonna leave in seven years."

"Are you?"

"Ah thought about it fer a while, an' fer now Ah think Ah am. Scootaloo, ya don't know how much Ah love him. Ah didn't even realize how much Ah thought about him until Ah got that clock from him on mah birthday."

Scootaloo sighed, "Well, no matter what, it's still your life. Just do what you feel is right. You know I support you no matter what, right?"

Apple Bloom giggled and tightened her hold on Scootaloo, "Yeah, Ah know. Thanks."

When Apple Bloom walked into the cafeteria for lunch she heard singing. She looked in the center of the cafeteria and saw Sweetie Belle standing on a table singing again. Teenage years had been good to all five of them, but they were definitely the nicest to Sweetie Belle. She didn't have to wait long to get back to wooing every stallion that walked by her. At age fourteen Sweetie Belle was already a bombshell, turning the heads of even older stallions. Where as before she was too nervous to ever get on stage, now the teachers had to force her to stop singing. She already began wearing light purple eye shadow, and she was beginning to mirror her sister more and more.

The principal walked over to Sweetie Belle's table as her song ended, and everypony applauded her (except for the principal, who felt that Sweetie Belle just thrived on attention). As she jumped off the table, she walked past the principal swaying her tail in his face. She then walked over to Apple Bloom.

"Hello Apple Bloom," Sweetie Belle said in a slight haughty manner.

"Why do ya do that to the principal?" Apple Bloom said laughing, "One day he's gonna git ya."

Sweetie Belle laughed arrogantly, "I'd love to see him try. Besides, I'm not doing anything wrong. All I'm doing is making ponies smile. If that's a crime, then arrest me," she stood on her hind legs and held her front hooves out and looked away, "Just... don't be too rough... officer," she said somewhat breathlessly, making Apple Bloom laugh even harder, even if she was somewhat worried about Sweetie Belle. It was like she was in constant heat sometimes, as she flirted with just about every colt in school. As far as Apple Bloom knew she was still a virgin, but she didn't know for sure.

They walked over to the usual table, where Scootaloo and Silver Spoon were already waiting for them, Silver Spoon surrounded by books as usual. Where Scootaloo had a very strong yet slender build (much like Rainbow Dash) Silver Spoon could best be described as the "sexy nerd" type. She still wore her mane in a long braid, and she still wore glasses, but beyond that she avoided fancy pieces of clothing.

"Whut 're ya studyin this time?" Apple Bloom asked her now brainiac friend.

"Apparently there's a study on a kind of magic that isn't limited to unicorns. If that's true, then I was thinking it would be a great exercise for all of us to try," Silver Spoon replied.

"Magic that an earth pony and pegasi can use?" Apple Bloom asked.

"I know, I'm shocked too," Scootaloo said, "But hey, if Silver Spoon says it, it's gotta be true. I mean, she's right... what percent of the time?"

Silver Spoon sighed, "ninety-nine point ninety-eight percent," she said as if it were obvious. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle sat down and pulled out their lunches.

"So, has anypony seen Diamond Tiara?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"She should be on her way," Silver Spoon said, "I heard her parents were talking about getting her a private tutor."

"Why?" Scootaloo asked, "It's not like she's suffering in school or anything."

"It's because my mom's a bitch, that's why," Diamond Tiara said harshly walking over to the table, and taking her usual seat right next to Apple Bloom, "I hate that mare so much."

Diamond Tiara had also grown up quite a bit. Like Sweetie Belle, she grew her mane out, and she was very attractive. Problem was she rarely ever smiled these days, so she turned people away a lot. Thankfully she still had her friends with her. Lately though, she had a much darker air to her. She had black highlights in her mane now, and typically wore darker make up. Along with starting to resent her parents (mainly her mother) she had also become somewhat clingy towards Apple Bloom.

"That's not nice, Diamond Tiara," Sweetie Belle said, "I'm sure she wants what's best for you."

"Well according to her, what's "best" for me is being cooped up in a room all day doing nothing but studying. What's the point anyway," she rested her head on her forelegs like pillows, "It's not like I have any real talent. All my Cutie Mark does is rehash my name."

"No, I'm sure your Cutie Mark has meaning," Scootaloo said, trying to sound convicing, "It probably means... that... you're... a princess?"

Diamond Tiara gave Scootaloo a deadpanned look, "A princess, really? It's a good thing your special talent isn't in psychology."

"It ain't too late ta figure out whut yer good at though," Apple Bloom said, "Ah mean, Silver Spoon is apparently real smart. Her Cutie Mark even evolved as a result."

It was true. Sometime last month there was a math contest and Silver Spoon got signed up for it by accident. She not only won though, but she got all the problems right. After that everyone noticed her Cutie Mark looked different. It still had a silver spoon, but now the spoon was the nucleus of an atom. Silver Spoon was so facinated by it that she began figuring out whether or not Cutie Marks could naturally evolve. She was still studying on it, but along the way she found other things that were just as amazing.

"I agree, Diamond Tiara," Silver Spoon said closing her book, "You're very talented. But I don't think that it's right to force you to have a tutor."

"You are going to stay in school right?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"Damn right I'm staying!" Diamond Tiara shot, "That bitch better not make me leave Ponyville High. It would be just like her though," she said darkly, "Everytime I get something that makes me really happy she has to take it away."

"Diamond Tiara..." Apple Bloom said looking at her friend in sadness. She was so full of anger all the time. It was hard seeing her like this, but if her mother was as bad as Diamond Tiara said she was (and Apple Bloom knew a lier when she saw one) then she could understand.

When the bell rang a half an hour later everyone parted ways for their next classes, but Diamond Tiara grabbed Apple Bloom's leg stopping her.

"Um... walk me home today, okay?" Diamond Tiara asked/commanded. Apple Bloom could never say no to Diamond Tiara. Besides, when Apple Bloom looked at her, she always got this feeling like she was desperate or something. Like there was something she was terrified of.

"Sure thing," Apple Bloom said, "Ah'd be happy to."

Apple Bloom could have sworn her expression softened a bit before she trotted off. She tried to press Diamond Tiara about it once, but she insisted that nothing was wrong. Well, as long as her presence helped ease Diamond Tiara a bit, she was happy to help.

The walk to Diamond Tiara's mansion was mostly silent as usual. Apple Bloom always felt like she was sort of a guard to Diamond Tiara when she walked her home like this. For some reason though, she didn't mind. It helped distract her from other thoughts she didn't want to constantly think about, like how she had to go home to face her increasingly morbid sister, and how she still had seven years remaining until she could be nuzzling the stallion she dreamed about every night.

"How's Sweet Apple Acres?" Diamond Tiara asked after a while.

"Honestly, Ah'm gettin worried," Apple Bloom said, "Business is slowin down these days, whut with Macintosh takin care a wife an' kid now. Ah managed ta make somethin with Twilight's help so Ah could plow the fields."

"Well that's good."

"But with it jus' bein the two of us, Applejack an' Ah can't git the apples sold as quickly. Also, none of us 're as good at figurin out when the zap apples 're in season."

"Basically, with Granny Smith gone things are falling apart?"

"Yeah, basically," Apple Bloom looked down. It was scaring her, because they had no way of speedin up business. If they didn't soon, though, they wouldn't be able to keep food in the house. Well, they could always live off of apples, but they needed apples to sell, not just to eat.

"I'm sure things will turn out better," Diamond Tiara said, "Your family has been around for generations, right? I'm sure this has happened somewhere in the Apple family history."

"If it has, then Ah don't know whut they did ta git out of it. Honestly, Ah'm afraid ta talk ta Applejack about it."

Diamond Tiara stopped and looked right into Apple Bloom's eyes, "You have to face her. Your farm is on the line. If you lose the farm, then how would Granny Smith feel?"

"Yer... right," Apple Bloom said looking down, "Ah'll talk ta her tomorrow. Thanks Diamond Tiara."

Diamond Tiara gave a small smile and continued to her mansion. As Apple Bloom continued to her mansion, she thought hard about that smile. It seemed like she only ever smiled when they were together.

Kind of ironic. Three years ago they weren't friends at all, and now Apple Bloom was her closest genuine friends.

Author's Note:

Typical High School Girl Team:

Apple Bloom: The Leader
Scootaloo: The Tomboy
Sweetie Belle: The Bombshell
Silver Spoon: The Nerd
Diamond Tiara: The Goth