• Published 20th Mar 2013
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Dreaming of the Moon - BeardedRedMane

Anon, a practitioner of Lucid Dreaming one day finds himself in a peculiar dream. One that he cannot seem to wake up from.

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Chapter 5 Meeting at Town Hall (Revised)

This tale is from the night Anon was wounded, his mind and body on the verge of breaking as his saviors rushed him to the hospital."How's that hole in your abdomen treating you, Anon?"

"What?" turning to face the voice Anon saw that it was himself who had posed the question. Trailing his eyes downward to his own abdomen Anon saw that he indeed had quite a large hole placed there. Blood gurgled from his mouth as Anon fell to his knees clutching the gaping hole in his stomach. This… isn't real, I'd have felt this pain before that jerk wearing my face pointed it out… It's just a dream! Regardless of that thought the pain that coursed through Anon's body felt real enough to bring him to his knees, it was all he could do to remain conscious.

"Hah, you think that you're conscious right now?" Doppel Anon smirked, "Moreover you think that that hole in your abdomen hurts?" The doppel Anon raised his voice in anger as he glared down at the Anon who was prone on the ground. "No… You already know what really hurts."

Looking up Anon would have laughed if he wasn't in such intense pain. Something that hurt even worse than this? That… that's not possible. Anon was pretty certain that had he removed his hand before he bled out he would be able to take a peak at his liver. No! I've gotta concentrate on waking up! This is just a nightmare, and I'm beyond simple nightmares!

The doppel Anon slowly made his way over to Anon and knelt down to gently place a hand down upon his shoulder before violently grabbing Anon's face gazing directly into his eyes. "Is this how you act when someone asks how you're doing? I'm just a little worried about you--- and this is how you treat me? Why, you're hurting my feelings Anon. Just like that one person…"

Suddenly the pain in his stomach was gone along with his doppelganger and in place of the overflowing pain he was feeling there was nothing but joy. For the first time in his life Anon was truly happy, standing in front of him was a person-- no it was a girl. She had long black hair that reached down her back and partially covered her face. The only thing Anon could see was a winning smile that was only for him.

Anon tried to reach up to the woman but upon touching her she shattered and with it so did the floor supporting him. Falling through the darkness Anon tried to grasp onto something, anything to slow his descent and to his surprise he was able to. Something inhuman-- a horse perhaps? Somehow it had grasped his hand and stopped his fall. There were tears in her eyes and she opened her mouth to say something. Only instead of words the void where she opened her mouth was filled with a blindingly bright light. Slowly beads of sunshine began to rip through her form as she crumpled and turned to ash.

Once again Anon began to fall but this time tears streaked his eyes, "Please…stop.." Anon begged as the void began to glow brighter and brighter like the sun. Soon even with his eyes clenched shut all he could see was an intense light. Unable to take it anymore Anon began screaming, his mind overwhelmed with images he had no memory of, burning their way into his skull. The pain in his abdomen returned full force and the last thing Anon remembered seeing was the same horse that had tried to catch him running toward him in the distance.

• • •

Anon hadn't really noticed or given it much thought when he had woken up yesterday and met Twilight and all of her friends but now it had come to the front of his mind in full force. Why am I naked? Where are my clothes?! Why aren't I wearing one of those stupid hospital gowns that really don't cover you at all!? Panicking Anon's gaze darted around the room before finally falling back on the doctor in front of him.

Raising an eyebrow the old stallion cleared his throat, "As I was saying Mr. Anon, could you please stand up and remove your sheets? I would like to take another look at your wound." he said as he reached a hoof toward Anons last line of defense.

"Uhh… So where are my clothes again?" Anon nervously chuckled while inching away from the doctor."

"Ah, I'm terribly sorry Mr. Anon, but about your clothes…" he pointed to a can full of cloth, "Due to the severity of the situation we had no other choice but to cut you from your clothes. There was a severe amount of blood and we were unsure of whether or not it was only coming from your abdomen."

Fuck! He had thought that those strips of cloth looked familiar and sure enough they had been what he had been wearing Friday night when he had fallen asleep. And now they're nothing but a bunch of torn, bloody strips of cloth… I need clothes-- but where? Do ponies even wear clothes? As the reality of the situation settled in Anon could feel the beads of sweat forming on his brow.

"C'mon Anon, we don't have all day to stand around, just get up and show us your wound!" Rainbow Dash muttered in annoyance as she reached for Anon's blanket.

Why were they even here?! Anon cried out in his mind, all of Twilight's friends minus Rarity stood in the room, their eyes glued to his form. Is… Is that a notepad Twilights holding? What're you gonna do with that? Document how tiny my cock is when compared to a god damned horse?!

As Anon clenched his eyes in defeat the door to his room burst open and in trotted Rarity with what looked like a new set of clothes. Anon hadn't a clue when or where she had gotten human clothes but he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth--- Ooh… probably shouldn't use that term ever again while in ponyland.

"Oh Anon I took the liberty of making you some new clothes! Though I wasn't able to accurately measure you I'd like you to try them on later and I can--"

"No please!" Anon yelled, his voice cracking slightly, "I mean, I'd very much like to try them on right now, they look outstanding and it would simply be rude not to immediately try on such well-designed and thoughtful gift." Anon bullshitted as he eyed the clothes hungrily.

Rarity's jaw dropped for a moment at his statement before blushing and grinning like a mad-mare, "Well I do say that you certainly are a gentlecolt who knows his fashion! I would be honored if you would try them on." floating the clothes to Anon she abruptly turned to the rest, "Well come on now, we can't very well expect him to change in front of everyone, besides it will be more of a surprise when we see the end result! Come on ladies!"

With that the seven of them shuffled out the room, Twilight being the last as she glanced back with a hint of disappointment on her face before closing the door. Wat… Whatever-- I have to find a way to repay her generosity for unwittingly saving me. As Anon threw on his clothes he couldn't help but notice that besides lacking underwear it was pretty standard.

"Wow… they fit amazingly well, yet she said that she was able to do this only from looking at my dimensions?" after buttoning up his shirt Anon walked over to the trashcan and shifted through it. "They may have cut up my clothes but with some luck-- aha!" Anon exclaimed as he pulled out his trusty slip on converse shoes and put them on before yelling that he was decent.

"Well I must say I've outdone myself, you look simply smashing in your new outfit Anon." Rarity declared looking over Anon, and he couldn't help but agree. The shirt Rarity sewed was simple enough, it was a simple long sleeve form fitted button down shirt. The sleeves had been slightly too long so he had rolled them up to his elbows and he left it untucked. The pants looked kind of like blue jeans but Anon noted that they felt weird and stretchy so he doubted it was made of denim.

Kinda feels nice, even though I'm free-ballin. "Well as I said before, I can't thank you enough-- and if it wouldn't be too much trouble could you make me some more?" Anon questioned as Rarity burst into a fit of joy and clamored on for a bit about 'A whole new challenge.' I guess ponies do wear clothes… Just not all the time. Odd.

The doctor cleared his throat again and walked up to Anon, "Now if you would be so kind as to lift up your shirt." Anon complied and began inspecting his injury. Anon had no idea how but for the most part it was fully healed, not even leaving a scar. Twilight had gone and given him an explanation on healing magic and then moved onto talking about a rare chance at documenting the effects on a whole new unknown species before but Anon tuned out after a few minutes.

In the long run the only thing Anon understood was that they were able to regrow all of the skin around the wound and repair some of the damage to the muscles but were hesitant to do more in fear of healing his injury incorrectly. So unfortunately the wound still ached and would need more time to heal.

"Congratulations, Mr. Anon. You're well on your way to being back to normal!" the doctor exclaimed before nervously adding, "We weren't all too sure that you would make it when you first arrived, although one thing is certain; You have a strong will to live."

"Well let's just say that dying isn't all that high on my list of favorite pastimes." Anon replied with a slight chuckle before letting his shirt fall over the wound. Pinkie Pie however was on the floor giggling like crazy. Man… if only women back on my world laughed at my lame jokes that hard. "So, I take it that I'm free to go?"

"Yes. Although I must stress; hold off on any strenuous activities for a bit. That was a serious wound you came in with and even with our magic and three days time… Well, let's just say that it would be a shame to see you here again so soon."

Noting the doctors warning Anon gave a nod as the group headed out of the room, "Oooooooh Anon! I just know that you're going to love it in Ponyville! There are so many fun things to do and ponies to meet! We're going to show you around town and everything!" Pinkie joyfully declared as she bounced along.

"Sure…" Anon replied, his voice laced with as much 'enthusiasm' as he could muster. "So, where to first?"

"Well of course that would be Ponyville town hall! It's going to be the start off for our grand tour around Ponyville! We'll hit up everything, Sugar Cube Corner, The Library--" Pinkie rambled on for a bit as the group left with Anon in tow. Pinkies excited ramblings were slightly infectious and Anon himself couldn't help but feel pumped up for the event.

Well I guess it makes sense that I'll be meeting the mayor of their town; on account that I am partly responsible for saving it. Anon mused although he inwardly hoped that the meeting wouldn't be overly formal and stiff. Anon couldn't help but picture a long drawn out ceremony where he would be given a large key and would have to kiss babies. Not that I wouldn't appreciate the gesture but those formal events put me to sleep.

After losing himself in his thoughts for a while Anon finally spoke up, "So, how far is the town hall?"

"Just up ahead Anon!" Pinkie yelled as she bounced ahead of Anon and toward the largest building Anon had yet seen. Most of the houses Anon had seen were fairly small and colorful but this one was at least three stories high. Pinkie had reached the halls' doors and let herself in, immediately slamming the door shut behind her.

Odd.. However Anon disregarded her actions, That girl bounces… That shouldn't even be possible for long periods of time-- in fact, I don't think I've ever seen her walk normally. Anon shrugged before reaching out to the door and opening it up and stepping in.

SURPRISE!!! Welcome to Ponyville Anon!!

As soon as Anon had gotten a foot into the door he found himself assaulted by the cheers of what looked to be the entire town of Ponyville packed into one building. Some were stamping their hooves and cheering while others were waving and smiling. Anon blushed and lightly shied away from the crowd, Well she did say something earlier about throwing me a welcoming party… But the variety of reasons on that sign is a bit outrageous! A huge banner hung from the wall with three different sentences plastered on it:

Thanks for saving Ponyville!
Congratulations on your Recovery!
Welcome to Ponyville!

Never one to celebrate events or be part of large social gatherings Anon stuttered his thanks while nervously running a hand through his hair. "Well go on Sugarcube, introduce yerself. Everypony is waiting for a few words from their hero." Applejack said as she nudged Anon forward.

Wavering slightly he took a step forward and tried collecting his thoughts, "Uh… Hi. I'm Anon!

• • •

Best. Party. Ever

Anon seriously couldn't remember the last time he enjoyed himself at a large social gathering like that. Well… Probably when I was like fifteen and all my friends were still gamers who didn't need a bottle of alcohol or a blunt to have a good time. He briefly thought back on how at some point in his life parties with his friends turned from having fun and playing games to standing around awkwardly with a bunch of strangers that needed to be plastered before they would interact with each other. The only games that would be played involved drinking until you threw up, then drinking more.

How old are these ponies? I mean I'm not complaining at all but man, some of these games I haven't played in ages! Pinkie Parties are fuckin' awesome! Ponies mingled left and right all the while playing games or dancing to music that Anon never thought he'd hear from a bunch of ponies. There was a snow white unicorn with spikey blue hair that wore a pair of huge purple shades laying the nastiest dub step beats he had ever heard. There was even a karaoke contest.

As the party finally began to die down Anon found himself sitting down next to a demolished food table staring out at the ponies as they continued to party. DJ Pon3 was still laying sick beats with a few ponies dancing around her; one of them in particular was the purple mare who had summoned him to Equestria. Oh shit… Anon stifled a giggle as he watched Twilight 'dance.' I thought I was bad… but words alone can't explain that much fail.

"Hey Anon, you enjoying the party?" Pinkie asks from atop Anons back.

How did she get there without me noticing? Anon thought but couldn't help but smile at the silly mare, "Like a fat kid in a candy store." Pinkie rolled off his shoulders and hit the ground laughing.

The party continued on for a good hour and a half before finally breaking up with ponies going their separate ways, shooting Anon thanks before they headed out. Anon was slightly saddened about the party ending but perked up when Twilight reminded him that they still had quite a few places to visit. Well if town hall was that fun, I can't wait for what comes next.

Author's Note:


Words can't explain how happy I am to have reached the point in editing where I no longer have to switch styles. From here on I just have to reformat paragraphs and flush out things I was either vague or didn't explain.

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