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Dreaming of the Moon - BeardedRedMane

Anon, a practitioner of Lucid Dreaming one day finds himself in a peculiar dream. One that he cannot seem to wake up from.

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Chapter 12 An Unexpected Opportunity (Revised)

"You're joking…" Anon gaped as Applejack reared her hind legs back and let loose a powerful buck, its force loosening a dozen apples that each fell neatly into a basket. Anon looked up at the tree, it couldn't have been smaller than twelve feet and was probably almost a foot thick. Anon placed a hand against the tree and gave it an experimental shove. It didn't budge in the slightest. Well what the fuck, that can't be right. How did they all manage to fall inside of the basket-- no no no.. Moreover that's not even the biggest problem! Trailing his eyes down the tree Anon rested them upon Applejacks flank. Sure, she's a horse, and I suppose her legs do look like they've got some power-- but that tree is twice my height and she's like half mine!

"That's how we 'pick' Apples here partner." Applejack stated proudly, "That bein' said y'all have no business here bucking trees until those wounds of y'all's heal. Doctors' orders." Her words fell on deaf ears as Anon was still trying to do the math required for a being her size to knock apples from a tree that large.

"Well I guess you're right…" Anon sighed as he gave up on his calculations, she was right and he was in no mood to get shown up by a pint sized horse. "And I can't pick them because the force of the buck only drops the ripe ones?" AJ nodded and Anon scratched the back of his head, "Indeed… Well I don't suppose you have anything else I could do?"

"Ahm sorry partner but apple buckin' would be th' only thing but seein' as y'all are still-- DUCK!" Applejack shouted as she dodged to the side.

"Still a duck? Pretty sure I'm hu--" the hairs on the back on Anons' neck stood on end as he turned just in time for his vision to fill with grey. "Ah, duck." The force knocked him to his ass.

"Ow ow ow… Wait-- It didn't hurt? It didn't hurt! I made a perfect landing!!" the grey mare exclaimed from atop Anons' chest.

"Mornin' there Ditzy." AJ stated as she lightly tipped her hat before walking toward Ditzy.

"Morning Applejack! I brought your mail!" Ditzy exclaimed as she reached her face into her mailbag bringing out a few letters.

"Much obliged Ditzy but think ya can--"

"Get off me please?" a voice came from under Ditzy startling her into the air where she hovered shakily. Anon climbed to his feet and brushed the dust from his pants before getting a good look at his attacker. "Man what was with that? You've got to be more careful when flying around. You could hurt som--…" Anon instantly shut up as he got a good look at the mares slightly crossed eyes that were beginning to tear up. Oh fuck, stepped on a landmine! Damage control! Anon nervously looked toward AJ who responded with a 'you just fucked up' look.

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry! I'm always bumping and crashing into things and nothing I ever do seems to work I'm always making trouble I ju--" Anon rose a finger to her lips and shook his head lightly.

"No, actually I'm sorry... I kinda overreacted; I mean you're really light so there's no way that little bump earlier hurt." reaching up Anon wiped away her tears, "So don't worry about it, I was really just venting a little of my anger, I'm kind of jobless." Hell kind of homeless too but let's not open that pity party just yet.

"…Really? You're not hurt-- or mad at me?" Anon nodded and shot her a smile before Ditzy tackle hugged him. Man ponies are way too physical... And strangely light… And very soft. Anon found himself absentmindedly ruffling her mane with one hand while scratching behind her ear with his other. Man… I'm starting to miss my dogs.

"Whoops-- sorry about that." Anon stated as much to her dismay he lowered her to the ground and ceased scratching her ears, "You guys are too cute and remind me of my dogs back home. Though you guys are a little smaller than he is."

"Smaller? Ya got a timber wolf fer a pet or somethin'?!" AJ blurted out as her eyes widened.

"I--It's cool…" Ditzy stammered her eyes locked on Anons' digits, in the back of her mind she was making a note to ask for another ear scratching. "But if you really need a job then… then maybe you could work with me…"


Applejack and Anon said in unison, one's voice was filled with delight while the others absolute horror. Anon didn't seem to notice Applejacks distress and continued, "Really? I could help deliver mail with you? That would be awesome! Are you sure that your boss would hire me?"

"Now wait right there a secon--"

"Why of course! My boss has been trying to get somepony to help with the mail for ages! But every time he finds somepony they all end up quitting because they have to move away or they found another job." Ditzy yelled excitedly as Applejack deadpanned.

"Alright! When can I start?"

Ditzy and Anon slowly made their way out of Sweet Apple Acres with Applejack just staring, "Dangit Anon there's a reason why nopony wants t' deliver mail with Ditzy. That mare can make jus' sittin' a hazardous activity."

• • •

"Uhm… So you're the stallion that saved us from that nightmare?" Ditzy asked quietly while subconsciously keeping only half of her face visible to Anon, her own personal nightmare fought to resurface itself again. Anon gave a light nod and Ditzy continued, "Well I just… I wanted to say thank you-- I mean I should have come to your party earlier and said it myself…but.." Ditzy trailed off and began to study the ground as if it were going to be on a test unable to tell Anon how much the mere memory of her nightmare plagued her.

"Not a real big fan of crowds huh? It's alright, I let you in on something-- if you can keep a secret." Ditzy stopped and glanced up at Anon as he made a show of looking around to see if anyone was listening before bending down to whisper in her ear, "I'm not that good at crowds either, next time we can have a small one to make up for the one you missed."

Her ears perked up and for the first time since bumping into him she chanced making eye contact only to find that Anon was genuinely smiling back at her. Her fears melted away as she was able to finally return a true smile, "Thanks... That really means a lot to me. Now let's go get you a job!" She shouted excitedly as she broke out into a trot.

• • •

"So, It's not that I'm not really exited about this opportunity but..." Anon nervously looked around at the mail room they were currently traversing, "Don't you think that your boss might the the teensiest bit peeved that I interrupted you midway through your delivery route?"

"Nonsense Anon, why Ms. Inkwell has been trying to find somepony to help me out for ages, she'll be really happy!" Ditzy exclaimed as she stopped outside of an office door that read, 'Molly Inkwell'. She knocked on it a few times as Anon audibly gulped, held his breath and waited.

"Come in!" the voice from the other side rang out as Ditzy opened the door and stepped in, steeling himself Anon followed suit. The inside of Molly Inkwell's office was relatively plain, there was a desk with three stacks of organized papers and behind her was a cabinet that seemed to hold various things. The mare in question was an earth pony, she had an off white coat and a blonde mane that seemed to be slightly dulled due to the passing of time. "Good Morning Ditzy." the mare smiled before she glanced over at a clock and added, "You're back a bit earlier than usual, I take it that today was a good day?"

Ditzy smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of her neck with a hoof, "Well actually Ms. Inkwell I haven't finished yet I was almost done when I ran into Anon." Ms. Inkwell raised her eyebrow but otherwise said nothing, Ditzy either failed to notice or wanted to continue without being chastised over her constant 'accidents'. "Anon is new in town and needs a job to help him get back on his hooves." Ms. Inkwells slight irritation melted into surprise as she turned her attention to Anon.

"Ah, yes! My name is Anon-- I'm new in town and Ditzy told me that there was a job opening here delivering mail. I was wondering if it weren't too much trouble that you would consider me for the position."

"Mr. Anon is it, currently housing with our very own Ms. Sparkle right?" Anon shot a surprised look before she continued, "Ms. Sparkle is very thorough in handling paperwork and proceedings, so much in fact that we have already been notified to send all or any mail that is addressed to you to Ms. Sparkles residence." Anon inwardly chuckled, As if I'm going to get mail. "So.." The mare began in a serious voice forcing Anon to stand at attention, "So you are interested in a position as a mailcolt, correct?"

"Yes M'am."

"Any you swear that you will uphold the rules and regulations of said position?" Ms. Inkwell questioned while searching his face for any uncertainty.

"Through rain, sleet, or snow." Anon added pulling back on the only knowledge he knew about the mail. It came, on time regardless of the weather, or at least UPS did.

Ms. Inkwell let his answer hand in the air while studying him for a few more moments before sitting back in her seat and smiling. "Well I don't see why not, it would be the least I could offer to the town's very own hero. It will take some training but we'll be happy to have you aboard." Ditzy zipped up into the air pumping her hooves up and down while throwing out a silent cheer. Anon finally relaxed knowing that he had just lucked out in finding a job. "Well then Ditzy, you'd better go out and finish the deliveries and then get a good night's rest. We'll be giving Anon some first hand training tomorrow morning."

Ditzy nodded and zipped out, narrowly clipping the door on her way out. When Ms. Inkwell heard the door slam shut she sighed and turned her head back toward Anon, "It's not going to be easy delivering mail with Ditzy and I ask that you have utmost patience." Anon nodded with a smile, although he wasn't sure what in the world was going to be hard about delivering mail. He mused it was probably because he didn't really know his way around Ponyville, something he was going to have to change.

• • •

Bon Bon was merrily making her way back home with a few bags of groceries from the market, tonight she had planned on cooking a large dinner in hopes of cheering up Lyra. Even though the disaster that befell Equestria passed it seemed to leave it's mark upon Ponyville and while Pinkie Pie had tried her best someponies still wore a fake smile with a hint of sadness in their eyes. Bon Bon was sure it would pass but she decided that even Pinkie Pie might need a hoof in this and had been working on even tastier candy to cheer the local kids up. With the thought of giving everypony a genuine smile Bon Bon continued on with a little extra trot in her gait. Her thought's however were interrupted when a familiar voice cried out, "Twitchy tail!!"

Bon Bon instantly looked up while jumping to the side two feet, narrowly avoiding a gray blur that collided with the ground, "Afternoon Bon Bon! I've got a special delivery for you!" Ditzy smiled as she reached her muzzle into her mail bag and pulled out a letter.

Taking the letter Bon Bon returned her smile and placed it in her saddle bag, she knew from the candy decorated trimming on the edges of the letter that it must have been from her parents, they probably wanted to check up on her after reading the contents of her last letter. "Thank you Ditzy,"

Ditzy got up on her hind legs and gave a salute while sporting a silly grin on her face, "No Problem Bon Bon. It's the mailmares job to always ensure it's ponies get their mail. Through rain, sleet, or snow!" Ditzy added with a sense of renewed pride from the words Anon said earlier before flying off.

"Huh... wonder what got that mare into such a good mood?" Bon Bon wondered before realizing that Ditzy's smile had become infectious, the surrounding ponies were smiling at her earlier clumsiness. Whatever it is I sure am glad that you're back to yourself Ditzy, I wasn't sure if even Pinkie Pie would have been able to cheer you up.

• • •

Anon somehow found his way back at Twilight's house, he may have just landed himself a job but he still didn't have a cent to his name so that meant he would have to take up Twilight's offer on lunch... Which undoubtedly meant answering more of her questions. Anon took a moment to weigh the risks before he lightly knocked on the door. A few seconds later the door opened up and instead of being greeted by Twilight he found himself face to face with Rainbow Dash.

"Oh, hey dude. Sup?" Dash greeted him as she opened the door and motioned him to come in.

"Nothing much, just decided on an early morning walk around town." as Anon entered he noticed Twilight at her desk with a mountain's worth of information she had pried out of him earlier. "Hey Twilight." Twilight jerked her head up from her desk with an expression that read, 'Let the Science and Learning begin!' Anon's mind instantly went into diversion mode, "So... Dash, what brings you to the library? Looking for a good fantasy novel to read? I could use one too, if you know of any-- seeing as there are no video games or t.v. here..." Anon added the last part under his breath.

Dash's eye's instantly lit up as she zipped toward one end of the library then back to Anon with a book in hoof, "Well do I ever! This one is the first book in the most awesome series ever! Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone!" Twilight lightly giggled in the background as Dash momentarily blushed, the meaning escaping Anon.

"Cool, I'd love to take a lo--" the rumbling of Anon's stomach interrupted him as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, "I mean after a bite to eat, if that isn't too much."

"Sure, and while we're eating we can discuss more about the world you come from!" Twilight added happily as she got up from her desk and headed toward the kitchen. Anon silently cursed his stomach.

"Oh man, Twilight's got the same look on her face that she gets when she's deep in her 'science-y' stuff." Dash smirked as she lightly made fun of him.

"Oh yeah?" Anon gave a look of mock anger to Dash before calling out to, "Hey Twilight! Do you mind making another plate? Dash here said that she's really interested in learning about my species too!"

Dash's jaw dropped but was able to recover after a moment, "Do you really think that Twilight is gonna believe that I would do some egghea---"

"Sure! This is going to be soooo much fun!" Rainbow Dash deadpanned at the sound of Twilight's voice.

"C'mon Dashy! This is going to be soooo much fun!" Anon mimicked as he made his way to the kitchen, Rainbow Dash facehooved before giving up and following him into the kitchen.

Inside Twilight was finishing, on the table stood a plate of sandwiches and a pile of scrolls next to it. Made something that could be eaten without messing up your notes huh? Touché Anon made his way to his seat followed by a grumbling Dash, her eyes switching between the sandwiches and the scrolls, debating whether or not free lunch was worth it. Twilight was the last to sit as she levitated three empty plates in front of each person.

"So, there was a few topics that I though about asking you after that light session we had earlier." Anon paused in the middle of grabbing a sandwich, That's what you call a light session? Dash grabbed a few sandwiches herself and began to chew, her eye's already glazing over with boredom. "The first thing wanted to know was, what is this 'Internet' you mentioned this morning and why would it make memorizing things pointless?"

Anon grimaced as he grabbed his sandwich, "Before I answer that do any of the following pieces of technology exist here; Computers, Cell Phones, Automobiles, Televisions, Calculators, Cameras."

"Aren't computers and calculators the same thing?" Twilight asks before in a flash of light an object appears next to her bathed in a magenta aura. Anon's stomach dropped at the thought of an abacus being the most advanced piece of technology.

"Wow... An abacus, I've never seen one in real life before...And no, they aren't and I meant an electric powered calculator, not that manual dinosaur"

"Electric?" she questioned while tilting her head.

"Oh come on, you guys have lights, you can't have that without electricity-- don't tell me you're powering them with--"

"Magic? Precisely, how else would they be powered?" Twilight replied with a 'duh' tone in her voice.

"Indeed..." Anon groaned before taking a bite of the sandwich and cringing. Opening up the sandwich Anon furrowed his brow, Are.. Are those dandelions? I don't even know if humans can digest these... Well if in an hour I spend the next twelve on the can then that will answer that question. "And the other pieces of technology I named?"

"Hm... the word automobile is a bit foreign to me... automatically mobile?"

Anon sighed again, not only were there no computers but it looked as if he was going to have to walk to wherever he needed to go. "Like.. car's, motorcycles, trains."

"Oh, we have trains but the other two I've never heard of before."

"How are they powered?" Anon asked although he was pretty sure he already knew the answer.

"Steam powered, fueled by coal."

"Huh, I wasn't expecting that. And any camera's?"

With another flash of magenta light a camera appeared floating in Twilight's aura, she aimed it toward Anon, "Say Cheese!" With a flash the camera spit out a small six by six card that had a picture slowly transcribing itself upon the paper.

"Ugh that's ancient." Anon replied as he took the picture from her, "Well with all that information I can see that the topic of the internet would be too impossible to explain without first going into the basics of our technology... It's like you guys are centuries behind us. Although I suppose that your ability to use magic fills in the gaps."

"Hey, what do you mean ancient, what kind of flashy stuff do you have in your world?" Dash spoke up for the first time with a tinge of interest in her voice.

"It's like this, I'm guessing you guys don't need cars because your ponies. You guys could probably run long distances without even getting winded. But then again, it wouldn't even be a fraction as fast as the speed of a car, let alone a plane."

"What'dya mean not even a fraction as fast!?" Dash questioned, the subject of speed seemingly grabbing her attention. "No hunk of junk can beat me in speed!"

Anon chuckled to himself, Oh man these ignorant plebeians, time to blow their minds with the brilliance of the human race. "Please tell me you measure your distance in miles, Twilight." to Anon's relief he was rewarded with an affirmative nod. "Right, well I don't know how fast you think you are but unless you can clock out a constant seventy miles per hour over the course of six hours then Humanity has got you beat-- And that's just the speed limit, cars can go as high as a hundred and twenty miles per hour but... That's just not safe, or legal. Oh and don't even get me started on planes, a car moves at a snails pace in comparison." Anon finished with a smug smile on his face in comparison to Dash's jaw dropped shock.

"That's impossible! How are you able to maintain a constant speed over that long of a distance? I mean seventy miles every hour?! Our fastest train tops out at fifty miles per hour!" Twilight babbled as she furiously began scratching down mathematical formulas on her scrolls.

"Yeah, well that's not so cool.. Still not as fast as my top speed, even if it can go longer than me... " Dash stuttered out, Anon could feel that Master Human Race envy a mile away. "But I bet that thing can't turn on a dime like I can!" Dash added as she flared her wings while puffing out her chest with pride.

"Hah, no they can't but neither can you. But hey, let's humor you and say that you are faster than the fastest car. If you take a ninety degree turn at even half that speed the sheer force of it would tear your body apart."

"Say's you, c'mon Anon, I'm going to show you what real speed is!"

"Sure bro, sure."

Author's Note:

Sorry for the long time in between updates. Numerous things just seemed to grab my attention and when I did have time to write I slacked off. I shall definitely release the next chapter faster.

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